"Create magic when you have -- no time..."
- copyright quote by Dhee-Ghee Palmer

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Brown Wings

It was not until last Saturday that I realized I have kept a brown knitted shawl
for almost two years and never worn it.  I was the lucky buyer who purchased this from Etsy!  At that time, there were  several "hearts" on this item, ... so many that I was surprised anyone would let it stay unsold as long as they did.  Especially when it only costs a mere $8.00?

Finally, the day arrived that it was shipped to my home. In my excitement,
I tried wrapping and wearing it around my body! I then noticed that it was huge and I was shocked!
It was also very wide. Although the size was described on the listing before I bought it,
when it arrived it was as much larger than was originally described.

Headband from Attic Memoirs on Etsy and handmade by my mother.

( vintage silk dress, vintage knitted shawl, belt from my mother,
vintage necklace and bracelet, Tiffany and Co. bracelet, Ariat cowboy boots )

From then on, I decided to call it, "Brown Wings"!  
Everyday it drapes across the back of my favorite velvet wing chair located in my hobby room. 
It does not only look beautiful but it has a very practical function.
It kept me warm from the cold Oregon winter wind that blew across the top of my lace and silk dress...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Aesthetic Movement and Saoirse Ronan

Perhaps everyone read and saw this editorial from Vogue on December 2011, "The Cult of Beauty".
It was written by Hamish Bowles (International Editor-at-Large for Vogue), and photographed by Steven Meisel ( acclaimed photographer for US and Italian Vogue ).

What amazed me on this feature was the appearance of Saoirse Ronan, ( pronounced as "Seer-sha" in Irish ) an Irish actress who was born in New York.  She became famous in America for the movie "Atonement" and acted as Briony Tallis, an aspiring 13-year-old novelist.  Her beauty reflected the Victorian face in the recent "The Cult of Beauty" and was the best example in exhibiting this art feature.

The "Cult of Beauty" on Vogue was about the Aesthetic Movement for art in the late 1800's.

( left on Vogue : Chanel haute couture satin dress )

The new art  appealed to new money.  The industrialists and bankers of the day upended the dominance of aristocratic taste that for centuries favored the works of the Old Masters.

( my illustration )

William Morris who was one of the founders of Aesthetic Movement debated on his source of agony, that at the heart of aestheticism lay the unsolved problem of how to make beauty more generally affordable. 
He had by then reached crisis point in his hopes for democratic beauty.
What is beauty, after all, unless everyone can share it?

( Left on Vogue: Girl by Band of Outsiders floral print silk baby doll dress )

First and foremost it was a painter's movement. Aestheticism combated the popular anecdotal, sentimental, morally sententious art of the Victorians.  Your choice of paintings, objects and interior decoration told people who you were and indeed who you were not. 

( my illustration )

As a style of Aesthetic Movement, aestheticism was elaborate, allusive, extravagantly literary, infused with a love of the medieval, going overboard for the exotic and outlandish.

( Left from Vogue: Oscar de la Renta dress with slashed bouffant sleeves )

The impact of Britain's Aesthetic Movement is explored not only through the enduringly powerful, and often bewitching paintings and sculptures of its leading protagonists, but also through furnishings and applied decorative arts - from wallpapers to fashion to bookbindings - to which they lent their talents in a revolutionary desire to create a unified beauty. 

( my illustration )

Now my question is...I know that everyone of us in the beauty and fashion industry could say, 
" Everyday is an Aesthetic Movement in every aspect of our physical lives "....don't you agree?

" Like a sunset of a dying star ... glorious without heat and full of melancholy " - Baudelaire

(sources: Vogue Magazine and The Guardian )

Friday, February 24, 2012

Heaven Was So Good To Me

 The Heaven must be really good to me... I have been wishing to own a real leather satchel for a long time.
I have been eyeing several on some online websites but decided not to spend a big dime for real leather.
I always tell myself, it is not the right time.

Until one day, the distracting sign at the end of the bridge which said, "Estate Sale" lead me to this amazing and beautiful satchel bag.  Estate Sales are usually clean, with value, and pricey for they belong to some rich home owners.  I ran on this bag and with no second thought, I hanged it on my shoulders, never to let go!
The luckiest thing was, it was the last day of the sale that it went to another 50% off.

When I went home, I checked the brand online...it was marked Clava American.
You would not believe I only got this for a dime from its original price ($350)!!!
It fits a laptop, folders, books, and lots of pockets inside. Cell phones, pens and sunglasses
too has its own room. It is made of magnetic buttons yet designed to be buckled up.
The strap is adjustable to however length you wish. To see more of its features, click here.

Of course, you can tell the difference from the brand new one shown below.
But still... I saved lots of hundreds of dollars yet own one of the expensive leather bags,
no regrets on my savings account!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Challenge My Skin

I was freezing over 38 degrees and cold blowing winds in that bright and rainy afternoon!
I checked one of my vintage short pants from my closet to see if it already fits me well.
From that attempt, I was so happy to feel the comfort of its size to my body that I decided to wear it! 
 That's the story why I had to challenge my skin over the temperature for the excitement of a pair of shorts that made me feel good for losing 15 pounds!

( fur scarf from Rusty Zipper, vintage ring, JCPenny ring and Forever 21 ring)

Rusty Zipper have some nice vintage items and clothing.  I love browsing at their store online. 
In fact, I met one of the store owners at the flea market last November 2011 when I bought this scarf, 
and she was such a nice lady to give me a bunch of discount!

( bone of "something" necklace made by myself that
 I got from Oregon Country Fair )

( Gap tank top, Levis vintage shorts, ribbon belt, Rusty Zipper vintage fur scarf,
BCBG ring, Aldo ring, Dior glasses, socks made by my artist friend Betty, BCBG shoes)

So everytime after 8 camera shots, I ran to my camel coat and wrap myself! 
It was freezing out there and I could barely stand!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Glasses

Finally, I got my new presciption glasses!  I mentioned before that I have a refraction disorder.   I encountered two car accidents in a row in one and a half weeks last January.  It made me very scared and uncomfortable to drive!  On the first accident, I saw no one on the far rear distance, so I backed up. 
Suddenly, I heard a loud thud!  I thought I hit a post, but to my dismay, I hit a car. 
It was for the first time I saw my baby's eyes wide open.  He was at the rear passenger seat. 

Wearing my glasses bothers my nose and my face, but I have to deal with this and get used to this. I already worn a pair 4 years ago but I stopped because it bothered my face and I switched to contact lenses instead. Eventually, I did my best not to use anything at all as long as I can still see a little clearer.

My husband got me a pair of Christian Dior cat's-eye designed frame.
There were several others that I also tried...I chose from Gucci, Fendi, Betsey Johnson,
 he even liked the Jimmy Choo python printed frame a lot. Unfortunately, my nose bridge is not
high enough that neither of those brands fitted my face.

* Christian Dior was one of the most influential designers of the post-war decade,
   and on into the late 1950s.  ( Now you see why I love vintage very much!)

History of Cat's-eye Glasses:
It is a popular style in 1950's and 60's. It is described as horn-rimmed glasses with flare
 outer edges. Horn-rimmed is made of horn or tortoise shell, but eventually replaced by
different materials in the later period.

Look how lovely these ladies were on the picture!
Don't forget to come back for my first wardrobe post in my new glasses!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Something For the Love

A post Valentine artwork is what I have for you ladies for the weekend!  I saw this from my old files and it reminded me of a lovely present for Valentine.  I am late for this post, I admit... but could not hurt to share you one of the things I love to do in my hobby room. Who says you could not make something like this for next year's Valentine or for any occasion coming in the future? 

Also, I have another tip!  You can change the photo into your own personal photo and use your blog title instead of your name!

1. Make a sketch of your personalized concept.

2. Gather the materials together.  (I keep cards from birthdays to holidays and recycled them.)

3. Have a paper cutter handy.  You can buy this tool from any scrapbook and craft stores.
They range from $25 to $35.

4. Have a wide collection of stickers.  Do not limit your creativity.

5. Have a collection of paper embellishments.  You can buy these at Etsy.
I also sell these at my Etsy store

6. Print a photo of either 3" x 5" or 4" x 6" size and place it anywhere as you desire. 
The flower cut-outs is from the card I recycled.

7. Use some ribbons, yarns or tiny ropes for accent.

8. Sketch the name on a clear card stock, you and your sweetheart's names, or even your blog name.
I used a metallic pen to have a color effect and I attached a small heart sticker.
Stick the card stock on a background paper.

9. Do not throw away excess ribbons and excess paper edges that you cut. They can be reused for designs shown above.  Use an adhesive runner tape or a glue.  Stick some stickers anywhere on the ribbons.

10.  The finished frame!
You can also paint the frame of the color you wish.  I used a 6" x 18" frame with glass.

11. You can now wrap it with a simple paper and a yarn.  No need of over decorating the wrapping.
Your present is now ready to be shipped!

If not, invite your friend or your boyfriend to have a coffee with you and give it to him/her.
Or by making it for yourself, you can celebrate the joys of blogging!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Octopus Cocktail

On my Valentine dinner, I wore my red shoes than wearing a red dress. 
Every occasion is an adventure for me, I would prefer to try a restaurant that I have not tried before. 
We went to Casa Tequila Mexican Restaurant, just two miles near our house.  We just moved here last fall so we have not dined on all the dinner places yet.  To count, there are very few restaurants so to speak in this VERY BIG COUNTRY TOWN where I live!

( vintage t-strap shoes from House of Vintage )

Caldo De Pulpo ( Octopus Cocktail )
This glass is d*m* heavy, no kidding!!!  Wait 'til I go to Mexico!

A Virgin Margarita in banana flavor... and the silhuoettes of my mysterious dates.

(Vintage dress and a ring gifted by my sister-in-law, Vicky.)

I love soup, that's the Asian in me, but to have crackers with it like the Americans used to?...
No, I don't touch the crackers!

The best thing about Mexican restaurants is, they have a free unlimited tortilla chips appetizer and also a free desert.  My over all rating to this restaurant, I will come back again and refer to my friends.  You get what you paid for.  To compare from Los Dos Amigos Hacienda, Casa Tequila have a very huge plate and the food can be taken "to-go".  I only consumed half of both my entre and beverage!

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