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Monday, April 23, 2012

My Little Mr. Independent

I don't want to miss a minute with him....

( Mulberry trenchcoat, vintage pussy bow top, vintage sailor badged sweater, vintage head band scarf, vintage skirt, Ralph Lauren purse, pearl earrings from my mother,
Jessica Simpson Dany platforms.  Baby: wearing all OshKoshBGoshes from jacket to shoes)

He is growing up so fast and since he was born, I felt lucky because I had always taken notice of his milestones. I've grown up in which typical Asian culture I can sleep with my mother even I have my own room until I was in high school.  But what aches me now as a mother, typically in American culture, babies are trained to sleep in their own rooms even when they were very little.  They say sometimes boys don't really want to be hugged unless they wake you up because they have bad dreams!  It could be true....He is so independent...so each moment I get hugs and kisses, I feel I am the luckiest mom in the world!

( In this picture: wearing layers on the freezing high hills of Mt. Tabor Park, Portland, OR)


  1. Super cute photos! Love your skirt and heels! Your son is adorable!


  2. Aww, this is too sweet :)
    Your son's so cute!
    Haha, and great houndstooth print skirt <3

    Trendy Teal

  3. Your son is adorable and stylish like his mom! I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to be a mom.

  4. You look so beautiful in this ensemble - LOVING your shoes! :)

  5. oh gosh how adorable is your little man!!!! and very fashion ;) and your outfit, houndstooth is one of my alltime favourite patterns! you look classy and gorgous at same!

  6. THey do grow up so quickly! I have no children but my nieces and nephews are like bean sprouts! They keep growing and growing :) LOVE your shoes btw! The purple velvet is fantastic and of course I love your lip color!!


  7. I'm seriously in love with your heels, they are absolutely amazing! And your little boy looks so cute!

  8. Aw your little guy is so adorable! Love these pics!

    Alexandra xo


  9. Your son is so cute! And btw, I love your shoes

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  10. Hello!
    Great vintage finds! These are the cutest pics I have ever seen! The 2nd to last one is my favorite. I love your shoes as well. In my culture which I consider to be african american culture, a lot of boys grow up very close to their mothers. They have a special bond. We call them Momma's boys. lol Now all the grown men compare their girlfriends to their Mothers. :) This is a special time, get all the hugs and kisses from him while you can. :) I never remember sleeping with my Mom but when I was a young girl I slept with my Dad when he came to visit.

    Tarah and the City

  11. Beautiful look, I really like your blouse and shoes! Wonderful pictures, so emotional and lovely!! U're such a sweet tandem!:)

  12. This post is like shooting a Hollywood movie. Your baby is so adorable (just like mummy)!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  13. Everytime you write about your son, I can FEEL the love you have for him. It comes across so strongly. A fantastic mother. :) Btw, such a classy outfit! The bow blouse, long coat and wow, those heels! Those are veryyyy high. ;)


  14. Your son has grown so much and he's still just as cute! I too grew up in a culture where it was ok for children to sleep with their mom. I'm not sure how we will be when we start a family, but I know our child/children will sleep with me every now and then. I love your skirt and your hairstyle. I really should go vintage shopping some day, I just have to find the courage to look. :)

  15. I love what you did with your hair. i always want to you to wear the big hair ala Winehouse i think you can pull off a beehive!
    You skirt steals the scene (am a fan of houndstooth) matching your sexy heels!

    ~ I cant imagine how you feel being a mother and the feeling of you seeing your baby grow up becoming independent, must be sad yet very fulfilling.


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