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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Drawing Request: Baby Budget Blog

Once again, I am back for another Drawing Request, one of my art subjects for anyone who wanted to be featured in their illustration version (check here).  To be honest, I have never been happy with most of my past illustrations, that this time, I tried a different medium for my art piece, the water color.  Surprisingly, I rather found it the best media that was much easier to use.  To let you know, I have been using colored pencils, colored pens, and colored powders and it did not satisfied myself.

From the fashion capital of United States, I would like to introduce to you, Amy McDonald, the author of Baby Budget Blog.  Amy is best identified for her classy fashion style and adorned wardrobe.  I called her once the "jewelry queen", but Lo! Wait 'til you also see her wide collection of expensive and colorful shoes, ( you can see it here).  She has every design of shoes in almost every colors and prints from suede, fabric, nylon, and leather! 

One of Amy's most interesting topics is her outfit video styling from her new wardrobe pieces for the season of her choice.  Her style really depends on her mood for the day. She doesn't like to corner herself into one style box. She rather like to sample all or tend to go for timeless pieces that have both visual and textural interest!

Amy currently works in a marketing department in a law firm company in New York City, so despite her job all day, she can still find time for her hobbies such as writing, blogging, shopping, and traveling. At her most leisure times, she finds eating, cooking, sleeping, and reading as her satisfactions.

In this illustration, Amy sent me three photos to choose one from among them.  It was difficult for me to choose one because all of them are worth posting for an illustration.  So to be fair for the three sexy and beautiful photos, I incorporated some of the pieces into her full body shot picture.

As for me, Amy's smile is one of her untouchable and rare appearances and her figure is her best asset. 
She delivers clothes that portrays the modern day woman.  I actually thought that her personality is bold rather than shy.  She pops in bright colors and her poses are not forceful.  Do visit her blog and be amazed as I am as you share with her the same passion, care, obcessions and love to our wardrobe.

"I am quite moody, especially in the morning but I am typically a go getter, bubbly, lovable, friendly,
shy and passionate person as long as I'm not hungry or tired! Hey, I'm an Aries!"
- Amy


  1. Ah look my fierce girl!!!! U did wonderful job hun, Amy is utterly inspiring person!!<3

  2. Oh man, I am envious of your artistic skill!
    Haha, that drawing is as fierce as the real-life Amy. You captured her perfectly!

    Trendy Teal

  3. Fantastic illustrations as per usual! I absolutely love the great detail, I think you did a wonderful job of capturing Amy artistically :)

    <3 Shawna
    Serpentine Streets

  4. What a gorgeous likeness; I LOVE this illustration! :)

  5. OH MY GOD! I AM SOOOO HAPPY! I LOOOOOOOVE HOW YOU CAPTURED ME AND HOW YOU ADDED BITS AND PIECES FROM THE OTHER PHOTOS! (I have to type in all caps to show my utter gratitude!) THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THIS DRAWING! IT IS PERFECT!!!! This will be my very next post and I will put these illustrations on my blog's side bar for all to see always with your blog's address! You are the best. Thank you ever so much for your words and for this drawing! This is why I blog! Because of friends like you that I've met along the way!


  6. Your illustrations are beautiful! I love the water color. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Made my day. : )

  7. I love your drawing. They are amazing.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  8. Beautiful drawing, I think I already said it but you'r really talented! It really looks great

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  9. You are so talented, seriously! Love this illustration.

    Alexandra xo


  10. Oh wauw, how beautiful! LOVE IT! You're so talented, i'm jealous. :)

  11. Really DG, keep these illustration posts coming! They are very fascinating. This has got to be my favourite one yet, and I think the change of medium is a good move. Love how you incorporated 3 outfits into one...I must say this new outfit looks the best!


  12. WOW! This is absolutely amazing! You are so talented. Amy is so fierce and fashionable. I love her blog :)


  13. Hi!!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and left your kind comment. I love how you drew Amy. I read her blog too. You're both amazing!

  14. Amy is stunning, and you have done a wonderful job, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  15. your work is absolutely fabulous! all in the details. and I love it.

    Just wow.

  16. Wow, you are amazingly talented!
    ps. u just gained with your awesomeness one follower more!

    J - http://juliechoice.blogspot.com/

  17. This illustration is amazing! You did an amazing job incorporating the 3 photos. I love how well the colors came out too. I definitely agree with you that water colors are the way to go. Love it! Following you and liked your page on FB. Can't wait to see more.

    You Like It? I Made It!

  18. Wow! I think this drawing request you do is AWESOME! Your illustrations are very creative. You added all these other pieces from the different pictures, that was cool! You are very creative and talented and I mean that sincerely. I have to congratulate Baby Blog. Great job and keep it up!
    Tarah and the City

  19. very talented! you totally caught her spirit!
    and the outfit you created! sooo fab!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  20. I love this feature on your blog, Dhee-Ghee! The water colors are beautiful, but I like all of the mediums for your illustrations. You're so talented and I can't wait to see more!

  21. Amy looks like a soul singer.
    you were able to capture Amy's persona thru your illustration.
    good job!


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