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Friday, April 20, 2012

Dear Girl Reads: The Botox Diaries

Wow, this new blog appearance is making me feel awkward...how do you guys feel about it?

Firstly, the statement above was not supposedly part of my post today.  I am back once again to share a book review from one of the books I read.  I have finished reading 3 novels since my last book review post but had no time to share them.  So trying to make them as fresh as possible, here I go.

The Botox Diaries by Janice Kaplan and Lynn Schnurnberger

Let me ask, at your age now, have you ever wondered or worried of how you will look like when you get into the middle age?  As fashionable, aesthetic conscious and physically meticulous as we are, for some women and girls, getting to that age may be something that would affect our physical appearance decisions.

This is a FUNNY story about two women who were best friends and in their forties (who also loved clothes, shoes, baking and shopping!).  One is divorced to her French ex husband who is a womanizer, but eventually was linked to a younger guy from a reality TV show contest, whom this guy happened to be 20 years-some younger than her.  The other woman is a TV producer who was having an affair with her co-worker, and with her personality, badly wants botox to look good on TV and maintain her public figure.  She was trying to influence her best friend to a world where plastic surgery is popular.  Both of them have children and the commitment to their families made their decisions do the right and utmost things in life.


1.  "I'm having trouble getting too excited about my life these days so you might as well enjoy it.  Sometimes your life can look perfect to everyone else and feel flat when you're living it, you know? 
You should understand"

2. If you're going to go on 101 bad dates, you might as well have a good audience.

3.  "If you're not going to do anything new or different for the second half of your life, why live it?  I don't want a straight path for the next forty years.  I want some bumps on the road."

4. Pressure on the heel stimulates the breasts.
So that's why women spends so much on shoes.

5.  " I think I just panicked.  Maybe you're right.  Pretty idiotic to put your life on the line for vanity.  We're all getting way too obcessed with trying to look perfect"
Before we look older when we get to middle age, there are still a lot of recommended things that we can do.  Sleep better, don't smoke, drink milk, eat healthy foods, think positive, smile, exercise regularly, and cherish your true love.  Not too thrilled on this story, I need more punch and in depth realistic views, but if you love to laugh and read a "mild" book, this can be something you would like.  Overall, I rate this book, 6 out of 10.


  1. I've heard about this book, but I wasn't really planning on reading it. But now I am, it sounds great from this post. And I love the 5th quote

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  2. Before we look older when we get to middle age, there are still a lot of recommended things that we can do. Sleep better, don't smoke, drink milk, eat healthy foods, think positive, smile, exercise regularly, and cherish your true love. ..................
    Christ i am a smoker, i drink lots of coffee without milk, disaster thoughts are just my thing, i love staying up really late at night but i have found true love!!!
    I love your post dear babygirl!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  3. This sounds like such an interesting book - definitely adding it to my must-read list! :)

  4. I know for sure I've read this book before, but I can't seem to recall any of it! From what I remember, I think a 7/10 is appropriate. It wasn't a fantastic book, but it was a good read. Have you managed to read Breaking the Rules yet?


  5. Great lines!!:) I would definitely love to read this book, sound like perfect spring/summer choice!!!

  6. Sounds like a great read, you always find some amazing books to read. I started doing microdermabrasions, I love them and they keep my skin feeling and looking fantastic. If i didn't fear needles I would try botox, but I wouldn't even get a shot from the doctor if it was medically necessary and I cant see me getting a shot in the face for vanity purposes. I love the quote #2 and that shoe picture frame is PRETTY!! I want...

  7. Love the lines, sounds like a great book!

  8. Thanks for posting the book review. My guilty pleasure is chick lit books like these, though I haven't ready any really good ones in a while.

    And thanks for your comment--It's not your fault for not visiting my blog lately. In the beginning of March, I lost my Google Friend Connect feature. This happened to all non-Blogger blogs, and a few months ago I switched to Wordpress. So I lost my following of around 175 people, which I wasn't happy about, but what can you do? Anyway if you want to follow me now, please do so via Bloglovin!

  9. Hi, thanks for sharing about books. Besides design, I love to read too.
    About panty and underwear, panty is normally used for lady underpants and underwear is a generic term.
    Have a nice week!

  10. In my mid 30's now and already I see bodily changes that are freaking me out. Still, it's all a part of life and like you said, I will make sure to sleep more, eat healthy and excerise more! Not sure I'll ever go the botox route but hey, I'm not in my 60's yet :)


  11. thought provoking post and I agree there are a lot we can do in the process of aging that does not include injecting yourself with poison or going under the knife.

  12. Thanks for the book review. To answer your question, I don't think I worry too much (worrying causes wrinkles :)) about how I would look in my 50's. I don't think I would get botox, since I don't like needles or the thought of injecting a foreign substance into my face. But, I can understand why some people might feel obligated to look younger, like the character in the book.

  13. The title sounds intriguing, but thanks to your review. i changed my mind.
    More book review please!

    ~As we grow older the pressure to look young builds up, and i think it's pretty normal esp these days.
    Thanks to science, it really helps.


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