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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lady Strokes

The whole week was overwhelming for me in terms of my schedule,
birthdays are like you would not end the week thinking and celebrating about it especially on a weekend! 
I still got lucky I found something to post today!  There are days that we felt blocked out and yet we managed to deliver something on our posts.


- with large ruffled collar, visible sticthes, multiple large pockets
, large buttons and bows on the hem.
- green tights with embossed dotted embellishment


At first I had to admit I was not familiar with the term "Mullet Skirt"
 until Red Soled Fashionista introduced it to me.  I've already designed this
long before I knew the term and I am glad I can call it as something.

- scarf rolled around the neck with large "dingle balls"
- over pleated mullet skirt, take note of the belted part,
the waist should show like tied pieces of fabrics


- visible stitched and large collard green coat
- animal printed shorts with laced hem

Showing one of my favorite fall 2011 designs from Versace
I called this "Dreaming of White"....

The first 3 sketches above were my own designs...I've always told myself to limit my talents.
I don't want to go that far to fashion designing but there were days that
I would love to design garments just because it is in my imagination
and I cannot help it pass by without marking it on a paper that one day,
I can tell myself, I once loved to design this dress!


  1. Pretty designs! I used to want to become a fashion designer when I was a young girl, but "rational decisions" got the better of me...

  2. If I could draw, I would love to design clothes even if it were just for fun! Always enjoy your sketches, babe!

    Don't forget to enter for a chance to win the vintage necklace!

  3. Great !! You are so good at it :)

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  4. Love that last one! Great sketches! Wish I had some of your talent haha.

  5. Girl, you are so incredibly talented!
    These are great illustrations. I love the mullet skirt and trench coat especially <3

    Trendy Teal

  6. Picture #2 is my fav!!! I'm in low with high/low skirts, dresses and blouses

  7. Your design sketches are very and great!!!
    I felt many inspiration!!!
    Thank you for your lovely comment on kimonosnack.
    I followed you now!!!

    akiko in Tokyo

  8. These are so gorgeous! I love the illustrations, and the outfits are some that I would actually wear.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. Ooh, what beautiful sketches - I LOVE the trench coat! :)

  10. Love this art work, fantastic!!


  11. Love them, especially the second one!

  12. your strokes are very playful on these designs! i love the first pic.
    Keep on designing! nurture it! ;)

  13. I am so happy u share your talents here!!! Marvelous sketches!!! U have such a gift!! <3


  14. Ahh I'm glad I was able to help you out in naming that skirt! I love the last three sketches. I would totally wear all of them, especially the Versace one!

  15. Beautiful sketches! My favorite is the ruffle trench with bows on the hem. I think it's great that you have this talent and I'm glad that you share it with us.

  16. Honey the first drawing is amazing!!!!! You are a very fashion sence person!!!
    Best regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  17. Hy sweetie! i love your post! would you likw to follow each other? tell me what do u think! XXo


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Thank and kisses !

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