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Monday, February 6, 2012

Sad Party

Can't tell much, I just felt sad when I went home after the party...
I heard a bad news by accident.
But anyway, the most important part was, before I went home...I had some smiles...
You'll see how my dress and my hair turned out.

(vintage dress I altered, Nordstrom over-the-knee-high,
AMI Clubwear shoes, Versace purse)

( with Portland fashion designer, June Blout,
check her blog here.)

...and so thankful to my friend Teaeasha who was always there when I needed her.

( Jolly Rancher )

We had a dinner with our photographer friend Fred at Rock Bottom in Portland.

... and bought a bottle of Pinot Noir from the party's wine sponsor for my magazine,
thank you, Seufert Winery.


  1. Whatever the news may be, I'm very sorry that you were negatively affected by it. I hope you'll be able to smile again! Your dress turned out well, and I would love to see a close-up of your accessories. I'm glad the party turned out well and that you had fun!

  2. I hope you're alright! This looks like a pretty awesome event.

  3. Sad news? Oh no! I hope it is nothing to major, and that you will be able to move on back to happiness. The dress is cute, but I love it because you made it. And your hair looks great! I can see the slight difference.


  4. Awh, i hope you're ok!! That dress really looks wonderful now :D love the streaks in your hair too!


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