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Monday, February 13, 2012

I Hear Those Frogs Croaking

Looks like it's an early spring in the neighborhood...
I can hear the frogs croaking at night and see the Canadian geese flying on daytime.
I bet they are more excited for spring!  That's the sign of nature...

Soon as I saw the sunny day outside, I felt so eager to have the warmth touch my skin!
I went out to have fun with my son and husband to one of the farm lands nearby...
The wind is still cooler, more balanced as I say for the brightness of the sky.

(Forever21 bini, vintage poncho, Nordstrom bracelet, flea marketed cowboy boots)

(Forever21 and Charles Sherman silver ring)

This shoes has only been worn twice since 2011 when I got it from my husband as a birthday present.  The lady on the flea market sold it because it won't fit to her daughter.  I was so in love with the beaded and intricate design of this boots!  It looked more fragile to wear that I would rather use it for display.

How do you feel about the spring coming ?! 
I could'nt wait myself, I don't like the wetness of the rain get into carpets of our house and car,
neither do I like stepping on the mud without a choice...



  1. Thank you for my cute comment on my blog!
    Your blog is adorable and this outfit is lovely :).
    If you want to follow each other give us a comment xo

  2. lovely blog and beautiful photos, I love that red cape. Happy Valentine's day =)

  3. Gorgeous photos and that's such a great poncho!

    Courtney ~

  4. Very beautiful outfit!
    I love your hat, boots and poncho, seems such a lovely weather, I wish to feel spring's arrive but outside is still all covered by snow!

    Happy Valentine's day!


  5. You're wearing shorts?!?! JEALOUS! I love your poncho, too!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  6. Looks like such a lovely day! A wonderful way to wear a poncho - shorts and boots! Both cowboy boots look so intricate...what a great gift. Hope you had a good Valentine's Day, and hahaha, I had no date, just my awesome friends. :D

  7. Oh wow, what amazing pictures! I adore your poncho and boots <3
    You look gorgeous :)
    I'm now following you blog! Please come back and visit mine ;)

  8. Hey there! LOVE the poncho and the bare legs look!! Great shots!

  9. Hi sweety, thanks for stopping by. You are so adorable, this is very cut and charming look, great hat and poncho!

  10. You look great ate!! ;)) nice poncho also your boots so fabulous! You are still beautiful even though with out make up . ;))

  11. Marvelous poncho, I'm loving its strong red color!!!
    Thank u for your comment on my blog, u're so welcome there!!



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