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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Challenge My Skin

I was freezing over 38 degrees and cold blowing winds in that bright and rainy afternoon!
I checked one of my vintage short pants from my closet to see if it already fits me well.
From that attempt, I was so happy to feel the comfort of its size to my body that I decided to wear it! 
 That's the story why I had to challenge my skin over the temperature for the excitement of a pair of shorts that made me feel good for losing 15 pounds!

( fur scarf from Rusty Zipper, vintage ring, JCPenny ring and Forever 21 ring)

Rusty Zipper have some nice vintage items and clothing.  I love browsing at their store online. 
In fact, I met one of the store owners at the flea market last November 2011 when I bought this scarf, 
and she was such a nice lady to give me a bunch of discount!

( bone of "something" necklace made by myself that
 I got from Oregon Country Fair )

( Gap tank top, Levis vintage shorts, ribbon belt, Rusty Zipper vintage fur scarf,
BCBG ring, Aldo ring, Dior glasses, socks made by my artist friend Betty, BCBG shoes)

So everytime after 8 camera shots, I ran to my camel coat and wrap myself! 
It was freezing out there and I could barely stand!


  1. Love your jewellery and blog, would you like to follow each other. Thank you for the comment you left on my blog!

  2. Ah, the pains we go through for fashion. You look great in the shorts!

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. LOVE the bits of red in this outfit and that fur collar!!! Gorgeous last shot!


  4. You are very brave to wear shorts in such cold weather. I love your sandals and your socks are adorable. I'm heading over to Rusty Zipper to browse. :)

  5. Wow... That is very brave of you! And your shorts look great on you

    xoxo Sootjeelina <3

  6. I love that fur collar! And that last photo? Extreme cuteness!!!!!!


  7. Shorts in the cold weather! Wow, so so brave! Such a cute outfit, but I really would have liked to see that camel coat you have. It looks very elegant.


  8. Beautiful fur collar and coat!! Bravo for braveness!;)


  9. What a beauty!!! What an amazing style!!!! And a very brave girl I must admitt, going out like this in a very cold enviroment...
    Best regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  10. Love it, you look cute. Love the shorts and wedges..

  11. um your bone necklace kind of scares me but i like your rings and the colorful strands of your hair

  12. The glasses looks great on you!!! Wish i can wear fur here! -such beautiful fur!!! The red ribbon belt is a nice pair on your shorts. I love the last pic! my favorite! (grabe ta ing buli)


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