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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Brown Wings

It was not until last Saturday that I realized I have kept a brown knitted shawl
for almost two years and never worn it.  I was the lucky buyer who purchased this from Etsy!  At that time, there were  several "hearts" on this item, ... so many that I was surprised anyone would let it stay unsold as long as they did.  Especially when it only costs a mere $8.00?

Finally, the day arrived that it was shipped to my home. In my excitement,
I tried wrapping and wearing it around my body! I then noticed that it was huge and I was shocked!
It was also very wide. Although the size was described on the listing before I bought it,
when it arrived it was as much larger than was originally described.

Headband from Attic Memoirs on Etsy and handmade by my mother.

( vintage silk dress, vintage knitted shawl, belt from my mother,
vintage necklace and bracelet, Tiffany and Co. bracelet, Ariat cowboy boots )

From then on, I decided to call it, "Brown Wings"!  
Everyday it drapes across the back of my favorite velvet wing chair located in my hobby room. 
It does not only look beautiful but it has a very practical function.
It kept me warm from the cold Oregon winter wind that blew across the top of my lace and silk dress...


  1. These pictures are gorgeous! Love the colour of your scarf.

  2. Oh my word, stunning photos! Love that shawl, it looks so warm and cozy <3
    That last photo is the best. So visually dramatic and pleasing to the eye! Your vintage dress is such a lovely complement to the shawl <3


    1. In response to your question, I got my accessories from the Philippines when I visited :)
      Haha, my mom is from there, so we get to visit every few years if we're able to scrounge up some money.

    2. is your mom a filipina? You don't look like..I'm really asking because Philippines have strong ties when we meet our fellow race..my mom is coming here next year and I asked her to bring me a bunch of my old dresses and some accessories to buy :)

  3. Did you receive the email I sent you regarding you winning the Vedette giveaway? Please contact me at sartorialsidelines@gmail.com to collect the prize!

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  4. If you transferred a Jane Austen character to this day and the US, this is probably what she would wear. Great outfit!

  5. The dress is so beautiful! I love the lace so much<3

  6. Looks like you had a great time!! Aimee

  7. I absolutely love this outfit on you - the color scheme is divine! :)

  8. that brown knitted shawl is pretty! i love brown <3

  9. The scalloped lace top on this dress is so dainty and gorgeous! LOVE it! Looks great with this brown too! And thanks for your last comment, I loved how you worded it :)


  10. I love the entire outfit! I love it when boots are paired with dainty dresses. Soo chic! :)

  11. I love your shawl and loving finding things forgot I had in my closet. I love the outfit and specially loving the photo of you and your lil' one! cute.

    <3 Marina

  12. Your scarf couldn't be prettier!!! Due to that detail it's a perfect match with the dress!!


  13. It's more fashionable living in a cold country. cant believe that shawl is only $8.00! Mom has a great taste in fashion.. love that belt! Favorite shots: first and last.

  14. i lost your blog today and i have to re-follow you via GFC, i think u should make a bloglovin account for us followers, as for you i can't see you as my follower anywhere if u followed via GFC then you're lost because well GFC is gone for non-blogger accounts :( why do they have to change things without asking us?

  15. Wow, you always find the greatest deals. $8 is fantastic for such a big scarf! And you have such a great imagination, calling them wings. At least you're nice and warm!


  16. The last picture is amazing my bohemian queen. Is is your baby in one these photos? What a cutie, just like mummy!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark


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