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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Aesthetic Movement and Saoirse Ronan

Perhaps everyone read and saw this editorial from Vogue on December 2011, "The Cult of Beauty".
It was written by Hamish Bowles (International Editor-at-Large for Vogue), and photographed by Steven Meisel ( acclaimed photographer for US and Italian Vogue ).

What amazed me on this feature was the appearance of Saoirse Ronan, ( pronounced as "Seer-sha" in Irish ) an Irish actress who was born in New York.  She became famous in America for the movie "Atonement" and acted as Briony Tallis, an aspiring 13-year-old novelist.  Her beauty reflected the Victorian face in the recent "The Cult of Beauty" and was the best example in exhibiting this art feature.

The "Cult of Beauty" on Vogue was about the Aesthetic Movement for art in the late 1800's.

( left on Vogue : Chanel haute couture satin dress )

The new art  appealed to new money.  The industrialists and bankers of the day upended the dominance of aristocratic taste that for centuries favored the works of the Old Masters.

( my illustration )

William Morris who was one of the founders of Aesthetic Movement debated on his source of agony, that at the heart of aestheticism lay the unsolved problem of how to make beauty more generally affordable. 
He had by then reached crisis point in his hopes for democratic beauty.
What is beauty, after all, unless everyone can share it?

( Left on Vogue: Girl by Band of Outsiders floral print silk baby doll dress )

First and foremost it was a painter's movement. Aestheticism combated the popular anecdotal, sentimental, morally sententious art of the Victorians.  Your choice of paintings, objects and interior decoration told people who you were and indeed who you were not. 

( my illustration )

As a style of Aesthetic Movement, aestheticism was elaborate, allusive, extravagantly literary, infused with a love of the medieval, going overboard for the exotic and outlandish.

( Left from Vogue: Oscar de la Renta dress with slashed bouffant sleeves )

The impact of Britain's Aesthetic Movement is explored not only through the enduringly powerful, and often bewitching paintings and sculptures of its leading protagonists, but also through furnishings and applied decorative arts - from wallpapers to fashion to bookbindings - to which they lent their talents in a revolutionary desire to create a unified beauty. 

( my illustration )

Now my question is...I know that everyone of us in the beauty and fashion industry could say, 
" Everyday is an Aesthetic Movement in every aspect of our physical lives "....don't you agree?

" Like a sunset of a dying star ... glorious without heat and full of melancholy " - Baudelaire

(sources: Vogue Magazine and The Guardian )


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  2. I envy artists like you. >__< Your illustrations are amazing! Iba talaga kapag hindi gawa sa computer. Keep it up! :)

  3. Love your illustrations, its absolutely beautiful! Wish I had your skills. X

  4. These pieces are gorgeous, you are such an incredible artist! Aimee

  5. Wow! Your illustrations are amazing!! =)

  6. Great illustrations - I adored this editorial, some of the images are almost direct reconstructions of some of my favorite PRB paintings.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  7. These are really beautiful illustrations. I wish I had this kind of talent. I find it so impressive.

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  8. You are so gifted. I love your illustrations. I am so thrilled that you stopped by! Have a wonderful Monday dear:-)



  9. I love your illustrations. I love her in The Lovely Bones.

  10. Hmm, very interesting post. Lovely illustrations too. You're an artist!


  11. These illustrations are so stunning. What a wonderful talent to have. I'm jealous.

  12. Lovely post! Your art is beautiful and captures the photos well. I agree that what we see every season on the runway is a form of the Aesthetic Movement. I've even witnessed bloggers express this movement daily. The editorial certainly does an amazing job in depicting the time period.

  13. I love your work! Always makes me jealous that I have two left hands when it comes to drawing or even writing for that matter :)


  14. DG...may I just say that you are soo unbelievably talented, its amazing. You should do an illustration book, I am publishers would fall over each other to get the rights to publish it...

    That first dress kind of looks like the one Gwyneth Paltrow wore to the Oscars, with the cape and all..stunning


    PS: Sephora has some amazing makeup palates, I think you can get one of those with like 100 shades of color

  15. Wow, yes I do agree! I wish I could have seen this spread...it looks so beautiful. And anything written by Hamish Bowles is worth reading. Also, I am surprised that is the girl from Atonement! She has grown up so much and looks nothing like she did in the movie.


  16. You have such an amazing talent doll. Love them all.

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  17. wow your illustrations are so beautiful and so similar to the photoshoot, you are extremely talented, love all the details you put into this, having the patterns of the dresses and make up look the same as in the photoshoot, especially the last one is magnificent all the attention you put into the details of the dress shown, wow just wow.
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  19. I love her in the Atonement and Lovely Bones! She looks like Tilda Swinton. Great actress! I lover your signature strokes. The last picture, i love the details of the dress.

  20. Creation at its best. Well done my dear, once again.
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