"Create magic when you have -- no time..."
- copyright quote by Dhee-Ghee Palmer

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back - But Not So Sure ...

I had been away for ages , lots of things going on... but for now I am back refreshing my mode back to when I was feeling happy-go-lucky, no job (except being a wife and a mother), no research, no packing, no meetings, no business phonecalls - just blogging and talking with you guys! 

What have you been doing this summer?  I guess I had to share first the fashion show/s that I went ...
This was July 21st at Portland.  R.A.W. , if anyone have'nt heard about yet....gives the opportunity for all artists to introduce their work in an event.  R.A.W. "Artists for Artists" is all over America.  Once a month, they hold an event where you can showcase your work for free and you can invite anyone.  Tickets run for $10. 

I met two fashion designers, at least 3 photographers, and maybe 4 artists, a make-up artist and 2 groups of performing artists.  All details will be said at a publication, so, I could not elaborate everything here. (Surprise!)

(with my freind Teaeasha)

( vintage cocktail sheer dress, vintage 60's clutch once owned by my mother , vintage jewelry, jewelry set from Witches and Wizards (Dimi)- give-away award, BCBG ring, vintage cuff,
Jessica Simpson Dany platforms)

I usually do not drive to Portland and tend to let my husband do the long distance-big city driving for me, but this time he thought I needed the practice of driving in large cities, and so he made me drive.  I invited my friend Teaeasha to initially come along as my co-pilot.... but when I informed her that I rarely had driven to Portland, she made me stop on our way up and took over the dirver's seat!  I wonder if the thought of my driving scared her?  But believe me...I drove on the way home with no fear and no problems.

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