"Create magic when you have -- no time..."
- copyright quote by Dhee-Ghee Palmer

Friday, July 22, 2011

Oh...My Babies Fell Asleep On Me !

My apologies to everyone, I had been very busy lately, and so very tired too.  Last night I was on a fashion and art show at Bossanova Ballroom in Portland and tomorrow night, 
I will be in Portland again for different fashion show, Annual Alley 33 Event .

Can I show a photo of me sleeping? 

My husband took this one which I only found out when I uploaded the last night's photos from my camera. 
I know I fell asleep while I was lying on his chest sitting on this couch while talking, and the last words I heard him saying was,

"Oh...my babies fell asleep on me !"

(dress from Motherhood Maternity - I still wear them at home but I am not pregnant..)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Moving Soon: Accessories

Can't wait.....

I just want to say "Hi" to my stalker who pretended to be my friend,
 if you are catching up with my blog...(p.s. She's not a blogger)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wardrobe Post - Too Much on My Plate

There are some days that my brain has blocked out from blogging...
Summer this year, is a serious time for me, no vacations, no bar hoppings, no shopping.
But it is worth it to invest and sacrifice my time and fun a little...
It's not boring, in fact, I have too much on my plate.
One of the things that I am doing is finishing a painting based upon a photograph in Germany. 
You'll see it here soon.

So for now, as you can tell from looking at my tired eyes after they have
been doing some strenous research, it is best for me to keep this post short...

Meanwhile, I would love to invite you guys to visit
the Velvet Codeine blog,
this charming Californian blogger
So classy for the summer and even for the coming
fall fashion week! 

( thrifted hat, vintage dress, necklace: flea marketed and handmade by sister-in-law,
Target socks, bracelets: flea marketed, from my aunt, from my mom and Tiffany & Co.,
rings: Forever 21, vintage & flea marketed,
Handmade by Caren bag, Chanel nailpolish, shoes from Ebay)

Monday, July 11, 2011


I can say this honestly....."I am not going to shop for clothes and shoes for three months." 

This past May I made my last purchases of shoes and this past June for clothes.  For the last items which I am showing to you, some of these are not even from my pocket.  I have been working for some goals lately, in fact, I have a job now and am taking an educational classes.  My husband started a business with me and pretty much, I am the "Visionary" (the person who sees the big picture) and the "Deck Swabber" (the person who does most of the work) of our ship.  This is a hard job to begin with because I have to do most of the day to day task and the business requires a certain passion and focus.  At the same time, we are also looking to buy a house that will give us more room and no neighbors, and we further need a truck for my husband so he can load our needs for the new place. 

Now you know and understand that shopping for my clothes and shoes is not one of my priorities right now.  Three months is my preparation time period and devotion to these important goals is paramount.  I am not feeling bad, I've still got lots of never worn reserves in my closet and they are actually more of a hoarding situation than something I usually wear.  The only exception I will consider from my spending abstinence are the maintenance needs for my hair, foot spa and my dermatologist.

Victoria's Secret always has given me a comfortable feel, it's almost like wearing nothing.  Their underwear are excellent even for the sporty days.  I don't usually use fragrances and lipsticks, but just in case, I needed some for an occasion...I bought these so I would have an immediate back-up. 
Crafts Warehouse had a clearance on Christmas stickers ($4.99 only 1.99, the rest are 99cents!) and I am finishing my first Christmas scrapbook album, so, might as well buy while they are having their best deal on them!  My husband purchased most of this for me!

This jewelry designer "slash" fashionista of Little Witches/ Tiny Wizards named Dimi sent me
 these wonderful and memorable handmade jewelries for a give-away prize which I won! 
 Elegantly boxed comes a beautiful and tempting post card with it, making me want to visit Greece! 

Here's a bunch of hand-me-down books from my husband's niece, Rachel..she took some college literature classes and does a lot of reading for college.  I couldn't be any more thankful for such a gift....

Lastly, both of these books costs $80.00, my husband got them for me for only $15.00
at the Marion County Fair and still brand new!  Can't beat that price.


Have you abstained, or thought of abstaining
 for shopping at all for more than 30 days? 
Tell me your HORROR stories!!!! 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Going Ellie Mae I Guess

Hey you guys, it's getting warm out here and I am starting to panic because of my original islander skin - it gets very very tanned in the summers!  I use sunscreen, but it just tans naturally...I can not help it because I can't wear something that can cover my arms nor wear pants all season due to the heat! 

This was still part of the Fourth of July weekend, so notice, even though my husband thought I was wearing clothes like Ellie Mae Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies TV show wore, I was just really concentrating on donning my patriotic blues and reds!  Indeed he is right, I love the vintage highwasted and hanging tops, despite that obviously, it's amazing how 2 weeks of abstinence from the gym (due to my allergies) could make me fat right away !=(

This is one of the tourist must-see parks in downtown Salem called "Waterfront Park". Kids love to play in this ever-changing fountain and it was enjoyable as well for the family. Waterfront Park also has nice areas for picnics, bike riding, boating, sternwheeler dinner cruises, and an antique carousel!

 ( vintage top, vintage Levi's shorts, vintage belt } all from the church sale,
Target socks, Converse snickers, scrunchies from Philippines,
Nordstrom bracelet, flea marketed necklace & ring, F21 ring)

(my son and a stranger friend)

... And to show you the result of the dress I altered from the previous post,
here it is after a tiring night and a couple of dark Guinness beers
( taken at 1am, can't you see in my eyes?)
 I ended up not wearing the white shoes because it was so uncomfortable...
believe it or not, I wore my hiking boots because we had to go to a little island
 in the middle of the Willamette River for the fireworks show!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

4 on the 4th

The 4th of July is one of the highlight celebrations in the United States, held once a year celebrating American Independence from Great Britain during the American Revolution, which I know most of you are already familiar with --  remember your history classes?  It is not only taught in America, but in most of the parts of the world as one of the first revolutions that overthrew a king.

I have four things made in tribute to 4th of July, from cookies, to scrapbooking , and of course, a piece of wardrobe post drawing!


This patriotically designed container is found along the aisle of Walmart just right near the entrance of the store.  It contains 60 pieces of assorted cookies, costs $4.00 and expires on October 2011.  After emptying the package, I recycled it by putting all the tangled ribbons from my crafts.  What I like about it is the transparency and the easier way to open the lid.  Measures 10" in diameter and 2 3/4" in depth, this is great to store stickers, hair scrunchies, accessories, etc. and stack them one after the other!


I've been scrapbooking lately and trying to complete an album to show to my parent-in-laws who are coming to visit us in August. Since this is so fun to do, I made some scrapbooking embellishments for the 4th of July theme, not for my own album but for my products supply on my Etsy store.  Anyone who loves scrapbooking would love these.  Check out this collection ( 4th of July Collection) and it is way too affordable for anyone's budget!

( my temporary task / scrapbooking corner at home )


I am not sure yet if I am going to stroll into a party or something tonight, but just for fun, I assembled this outfit for the occasion.  Firstly, I got this vintage dress from June of last year that I had never worn.  It's length was well below my knee.  Six months ago, I altered the hems by hand, and then last night, I decided to add some lace along the hem and further along the sleeves using my handheld sewing machine.  (This sewing machine worked excellent!!)

Next, the shoes, I got these from Ebay for $36.99 but was mistakenly shipped one size larger than I requested.  The seller reasoned that since I am from a western country, that the larger size would be my actual size.(Sighhh!)  So, it's too bad that I had to be forced to wear it.  Anyway, luckily, they are sending me a replacement pair that is my right size and after I use this, maybe I can give this pair to my sister-in-law.

( Vintage dress {altered by Dear Girl}, optional leggings - HK made,
Chaps purse, shoes from Ebay, Prada belt )


This was from 2 years ago (2009), I made an album of "First Times" for my husband and I.  This was our first 4th of July together, we celebrated it at Mt.Rushmore, located in the Black Hills of South Dakota with his family.  We got the front row seats because my brother in-law is a National Park Superintendent.  I purchased the set of themed papers and stickers from Creative Memories .  I am not a consultant, don't get me wrong, but most of their items are outstanding.  You get what you paid for.

( on the arrow, a photo with Mr. Clifford, one of the sculptors )

Cheers and a Sparkling Fireworks, America !

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