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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Beautiful Women Edition (10th Issue) Katie - Part 2

Hi everyone!  This month of June, I almost couldn't get someone to complete an interview for my "Beautiful Women Edition" and was going to apologize for having had to pass on this feature this month.   But today, an anonymous individual posted a comment in my previous Beautiful Women Edition posting that the subject of that blog's interview named Katie Whitmore CeseƱa  had passed away.  I was shocked.  I know it is not a joke....

Katie was my friend in Facebook, I had never met her in person, but we played Facebook's once fashionable virtual game, Sorority Life which initially became popular in 2009.  After a few months, I decided to feature her when I saw her comment on the feeds worrying about a pair of shoes that she would like to wear.   She was so nice to agree to be the feature subject of my blog and was happily able to get her answers to my questions back to me by my publication deadline.  Katie was a model and an actress from San Diego, California and was only a young 24, her birthday was July 27th.

For everyone who has not read my B.W.E. third edition in November 2010, Katie once served in the Military as a Gunner's Mate but eventually left and joined the modeling profession.  She even had plans to go back to college to get her Doctoral degree so that she could become a Forensic Firearms Analyst.

When I asked her what she wants to tell other women, she told me,
" I am a big dreamer and I believe that you can achieve any goal you set before yourself.
If you have a dream go for it because no one can do it but you !!"

As to what have caused her death, I have no idea... all I know is that I am sad of what happened.

For the second and the last time, I am featuring her again saying goodbye and wishing her peace with our Dear God and the angels above in the heavens.  For the person who informed me, I truly appreciate for letting me know, "Thank you"...Katie was so beautiful and a good friend.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jammies and Moisturizer

Wheew, I totally felt tired lately, at first I thought it was the summer heat that had jumped through my skin and was causing me some type of seasonal allergies, but I guess I was wrong!   I remembered yesterday that last week, when Trader Joe's opened it's first branch here in town, I had found a sword fish fillet in the seafood section and immediately felt my mouth water along with my excitement!  This is a type of fish that I have always had sweet spot for.  Alas! After eating my wonderful sword fish fillet,  I am forced to take medicines to combat the effects upon my skin caused by saddening allergy that I was aware I had to sword fish, but that I had forgotten about in my excitement to eat that delicious looking fillet!  How could my favorite fish do this to me? 

Aside from my troubles with allergies, I took a nature walk with my husband and son in the Coast Range "special botanical area" of Mary's Peak, near Philomath, Oregon.  It is the highest mountain in the Oregon Coast Range and has a lot of unique plants and animals that live upon it and no where else.  My husband likes to surprise me as to where we are going and what we are doing, so I ended up wearing these knee high Converse Chuck Taylor's instead of hiking boots!  I really hate it when my Chuck's step in the mud.=(

I can't nag about this shoe change, but I was just counting the moment my husband checks what I was wearing before we head out into nature.  I had flip-flops on, as he had said at first that we might go to the coast.  But now he wasn't in favor of the flip-flips, he said, "I wouldn't wear that if I were you, trust me".  I was clueless!  Long walks? Cold? Rough ground? Should I use flats? Rubber? ..but the picture of mud never came to mind even though the sun had just started to show up for the spring and the soil was still a little wet from all of the spring rains!

There could never be as much wilderness anywhere else as exist here in Oregon. 
In fact, the day we went on this hike, I didn't use any make-up at all, except for a moisturizer
on my face. I was looking forward to feeling the natural clean and cold air that permeates
the woods and the mountains of Oregon.  It was indeed a refreshing trek!

Oh!!  Notice I was wearing my pajamas here!?  Yeah, I was.  
The short version of this story being that on that day, I was as lazy as a couch potato
in my wearing of this outfit.   You were lucky I even put on a necklace!
It was just one of those days.

( Canyon River Blues top , gifted jacket, Old Navy short jammies, Necklace from sister-in-law,
Walgreen's headband, Converse All Star knee high shoes {fr. husband}+
Walmart generic Equate moisturizer for sensitive skin)

Thank you so much for those who voted for my tote entry for Nine West! 
I didn't expect to be in the top ten, and I admit I can do better if I had found out
about the contest ahead of time.  ( not on the due date).
Lesson learned.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Design for Nine West Tote

Hi there guys, I participated on Nine West Tote design and this competition is based on Facebook and Twitter votes which runs until July 27th.  It's theme is Spring-Summer and so, I came up with my simple petals and shoe design with the use of my actual watercolor painting. 

I would appreciate every vote for this endeavor, I love Nine West  and because of this I would love to share a little of it's history.

To Vote:  Please go here.  =)


* founded in 1977 by Jerome Fisher and Vincent Camuto
* 1988 Jervin Inc. was formed from the names Jerome and Vincent
* named Nine West because of it's founding location at 9 West 57th St in New York City in 1991
* started as a footwear fashion (shoes)
* company's nationally recognized brands include Enzo Angiolini, Calico, Spa, and Westies
* 1999 - acquired by The Jones Apparel Group
* Jerome Fisher endowed the school The Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology while Vincent Camuto have his own line of fashion apparel called Vince Camuto.

Thank you very much for the support, even how much I wanted to work with Nine West and I don't win,
 it's the thought that counts.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wardrobe Post - Harbor Minimalist

I could feel the breeze and brush of cold wind against my face...it is summer but we still get the raindrops from time to time.  This wet state is looking forward to seeing the sun continuously shining  here soon!

Here I was in Portland, Oregon at the docks along the Eastside Esplenade of the Willamette River, facing the draw bridges that tie the town together, which why they call this city the "City of Bridges".  One connects to Vancouver, Washington, and which is known as a part of Portland's metro area. Every bridge in Portland is lit in a different color during the nighttime. 

I didn't mind spending moments sitting on the dock and watching the ships,
seagulls, bikers and the sky.  It is very quiet out there and it can be really cold near the river.
One must wrap one's self with a nice warm coat or have a sip of coffee handy.
Enjoy this view of my minimalist fashion with my precious one in his baggy little outfit!

Marquam Bridge in far background

Hawthorne Draw Bridge being lifted.

"Spirit of Portland" Dinner Cruise ship

( Chelton vintage hat, Ann Klein coat, vintage sweater fr. Ebay,
Avenue tights, vintage Victorian shoes, Nordstrom flower ring, flea marketed red ring,
vintage opal ring, Liz Claiborn clutch,
Clinique lipstick case, Cover Girl lipstick, O.P.I. Nicole nail polish)

Morrison Draw Bridge

( On my son: Reruns for Kids jacket, Target shirt, Walmart denims, Payless shoes)

Historic "Portland" Sternwheeler & Steel Draw Bridge in far background

Here's my little guy, whom I am so proud to call my own.  I've shed pains in childbirth for him,
and he makes me glad for my every breath.  He is the greatest thing that I could never bear to lose....

Do you have someone whom you feel the same way too?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Drawing Request: Pinkie of Sugar Puff

Here is Pinkie for you ladies!  She is the author of the blog, " Sugar Puff "
a title she decided to pick  because :

Pinkie: "I name it ♥ sugarpuff ♥ sugarpuff from the meaning of sweet and sensitive young lady :) Sweet means I love everything feminine and sweet, dedicated to my outfit. Sensitive prefer to the meaning of care and respect about many things, especially in dressing up well and nice looking for daily. So ♥ sugarpuff ♥ is a place for every woman when I share how to match clothes in various style, color, new or secondhand brands, and etc. I believe that every woman is beautiful. They just need to show up their charm in some creative way! :)"

This 21 year old Indonesian girl's favorite things to do are, blogging, writing, photo editing, singing, and riding bicycle.  She describes her personal style as feminine and vintage.  She loves wearing skirts and dresses the most, and if given a chance to wear a pair of jeans, she makes sure she modifies it to match her own feminine style by pairing it with a blazer, cardigan or other accessories.

Pinkie has been featured into several publications in Indonesia, Spain and Paris.
Check out her blog and it will surely amuse you!!

Hmmmm.... this photograph is so refreshing, I can only wish to travel to Indonesia and breathe some of the greenery and fresh sea air!   I also missed the aroma of lounging inside a bamboo and coconut-leaves-made hut!  It is accessible to open air outdoors and the temperature is never freezing cold.

Thank you Pinkie for participating in this feature!  For everyone who wished to be drawn, feel free to contact me and answer a few questions about yourself HERE.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cammie's Blue Shoes

Hello gals...I had been away for a week and thought things would be easier and be accomplished in that matter of time but I was wrong.  I made some progress but I had to get some more things going...I could not guarantee that I will be so active as usual as I had been but I will post every week as much as I could!

I know I owe you a lot especially my friends who had been constantly exchanging comments with me for a while.  Because of this, I thought I would give you something to brighten your day and make you smile by this post, a recap of my first give-away on my birthday last March (I know it is very late!) "Your Dream Shoes"... and I would love to share how I made my first free given painting to the winner, Cammie of
 "A Woman's Right to Shoes".

( headband @ Shop Dear Girl, Gap top, Levis  vintage shorts, vintage belted scarf,
Old Navy sequined flats, bracelets from Philippines)

This was Cammie's dream shoes, a Manolo Blahnik pair of pumps in silk and royal blue shade. I copied it exactly on that photograph above and used arcylic paint in a 10" x 14" canvas.

Let me ask you this again, what is your dream shoes?

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Bunch on My Lap

I would like to let you guys know that I am currently working on a research and hoping to be able to have my project done on a certain date...maybe just for this week...or once in a while soon as you don't see me posting new every other day... 1. Research  2. Attend Classes  3. Review  4. House Hunting 
5. Outsourcing ...6, 7, 8, 9, 10......

I'll miss everyone for sure ...

Oh, just want to tell Claire of Spinning Threads that I am making the Banana Muffins from your recipe!

And to Dana of StyleMeFab ( see her post ), may you pick the best car of your desire,
 you're such a young successful lady !

Lastly, I Congratulate myself for winning a fantastic and memorable piece of handmade jewelry give-away from Dimi, my Greek friend from Little Witches/Tiny Wizards!!  Gosh, thank you Dimi!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wardrobe Post: The Knit and The Cold Coast

This is a late Memorial Day post, and made all the worse by the fact that I did nothing this past
 Memorial Day holiday, except I covered myself in a thick blanket and stayed in bed last
 weekend because of the freezing cold weather.

Memorial Day itself is an annual commemoration that honors those who died serving the American nation during a time of war.  It is a national holiday celebrated in America on the"the last Monday in May".
(I decided to dig up some photos from the past couple of years.....back from when I had no blog.
This picture was the newlywed me, after being married for a half year.

This was one of those real nice spring days where it was sunny and warm.  As it was, we went to the famous Oregon coast city called Lincoln City.  Not only is it famous for being the only city in America named for Abraham Lincoln before he was President but it claims to have the "World's Shortest River" (the "D" River)

Before we left, I insisted on wearing a bikini inside this knit dress, which was an unfortunate fashion choice because when we arrived, the cold Oregon Coast wind permeated in my skin down to my bones!  Good thing I listened to my husband that I should bring extra warm clothes!  My fashion plan was devastated by using the leggings as my underpants and a tank top for inner shirt...
We also dropped by this restaurant, (that I already forgot its name)...we had planned to eat somewhere along the coast where there are so many restaurants.  We soon found out there were no parking spots at any of these and the line of people trying to get in were often well past  the doorsteps. 

Our hungry stomach could no longer wait!  Anyway, this restaurant where we ate at, specializes in fresh crabs, and as an appetizer, they supply an unlimited pail of roasted and salted peanuts that you crack open and then freely throw the shells on the floors!

( Mervyn's sweater ( one of their closing sales), leggings- gifted, Target knit dress,
Gap tank top inner , Speedo bikini, Petites blue pedi polish,
Mendrez jelly sandals from Philippines, Vogue bag, earrings - souvenir from my trip to Arizona,
cuff from Macy's - recently sold in my Etsy store)

The watercolor thing was my husband's idea..I was not into the mood to paint, but I tried....
also this bag was a free gift that came along with my Vogue Magazine subscription, yeah!  Ha ha...

So there was my Memorial Day years back...

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