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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Drawing Request: Isabel of I Fly A Starship

"I Fly A Starship" is a blog authored by Isabel Spectre, and here she is on my next Drawing Request post.
Why, "I Fly A Starship?", I asked her....Isabel said,

 "I was trying to come up with a blog title and I was listening to this song "Highwayman" that Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, and Willie Nelson sing, and one of the lyrics is "I'll fly a starship, across the universe divide" and I think that imagery is beautiful. I want to fly around the universe in a starship.. and it sort of fits somehow with my personal style."

Isabel is 19 years old, and stands 5'10''.  She majors in religious studies, but also likes Chicano/Chicana,
and gender studies.  She also attends a Belly dancing class which she has been doing since highschool.

As for me, her signature look is her short hair with a 1950's style head band.  In fact, you can
learn how to attach a head band on your head by watching her tutorial here.

Feel free to check here on how to be featured in my Drawing Request!
Happiness this week!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beautiful Women Edition ( 9th Issue) - Emily

Ladies, firstly, I apologize for not being able to post a comment to some of you.  Another technical glitch happened with Blogger, thus for some who have not set their comments to Anonymous people, I was not able to post anything.  Today I was able to fix the login problems myself..sighhhh...!

However, this never hindered my posts or my visits to your blogs, and here I am continuing my monthly feature of the "Beautiful Women Edition" ( with which I look long and hard to find extrordinary and talented ladies)...I hereby introduce, Emily from the Philippines.

Age:  16
Nationality:  Filipina - Nigerian
Occupation:  Student 

My brother referred Emily to me when I asked him for a contribution to my "Beautiful Women Edition".  However, the girl I WANT MUST BE exeptional, intelligent, beautiful and talented.  Therefore, I picked Emily.  She was born half-Filipina and half-Nigerian and even graduated her high school this year as the Class Valedictorian.  Other than that, she is the Pageant Queen of the local university.


"I had a pretty balanced childhood, my parents gave me time to play but they also imposed strict rules when it comes to studying, I mean when exams were coming ,3 days to a week before the schedule, no T.V. was allowed to be on as well as the computer, but when exams were over, PLAY,PLAY,PLAY!!!, I guess I was never robbed of my childhood."


"Well it was more of a childhood dream as well as the fulfillment of a promise I gave to a lot of people who saw the potential in me. I won 4 pageants in a row last year namely:

1. Carabao-Carroza Festival Queen, 1st runner
2. Ms. Regional PRISAAP Search
 3. Ms. CPU High School

I was admittingly ecstatic and overwhelmed because I happened to be joining for the first time."


"I never look at myself as exceptional because I believe God created us equally, but then the world would look at my achievements and describe me as that.  Sometimes I would tell myself that I deserve it because I really worked hard for it.  Everyone is blessed, I think I just know how to use my resources to better channel them..."


"Back then I was far from beauty queen material, I was fat and all, but I still had the confidence.  I never had insecurities at the back of my mind, in fact, the insecurities came when my star was slowly rising ! (HAHAHAHA)"


"Oh...my friends are the best!  I may not know how they truly feel about these things but basing on what they are showing me, I just feel so happy and proud because they went against all odds to support me.  Honestly they never questioned my capacity neither made me feel doubtful of joining, they are never sarcastic!"


"Aside from God and my mom, it's Tyra Banks.  She's not the typical model who would starve herself to death or do drugs, she's wholesome and when you get to hear her speak, she speaks with sense and experience.  She is sensitive to what others feel and she's aware of how influential she is that's why she's keeping things simple and realistic.  I don't feel pressured everytime I see her because I would say, "oh..here's a model who eats ." hahahaha"


"I want to be a billionaire, truthfully speaking...yet sometimes I feel that if I get to love money and wealth so much I would forget things that matter the most, so for know I'll just settle with.."I want to be an international beauty titlist or model" (HEY!!! I'm free to dream right..hahahaha)"

Yes, I also love it when friends are supportive when you are doing great.  That is the true measure of friendship, they are not angry or jealous about what you have accomplished in life.  We can only count our blessings and thank God everytime He makes life beautiful for us.  For B.W.E. referrals, contact me at deargirl_blogger@live.com for screening and review.  Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boon's Treasury

Let me give you a tour to the Boon's Treasury's interiors!  It's been ages since my last actual interior design posting.  Boon's, as everyone who is resident of the town of Salem (where I live) knows, is owned by The Menamin Brothers  (Brian & Mike).  They also own close to a hundred other hotels, music venues, wineries, distilleries, coffee roasters, port wine-cigar bars, brewpubs, golf courses, theatres and restaurants

They are also known to serve one of the better Northwest American pub style cuisines in town.  They own another establishment in Salem, Thompson's Brewery and Public House, and several other destination resorts scattered across Oregon and Washington like Hotel Oregon, Edgefield Manor and The Crystal Ballroom.
Their style of decoration and art is very similar in effect in all of their properties.

Alright, let's start the tour!

This is the bar on the left, it should be an L shape but I had to cut the people out of the photos.  The photo shows the framed art of some old stylized poster of a train and the beautiful 150 year old brickwork.

This is how the booth tables look like.  They are constructed with higher back rest perpendicular to bench-style seating.  The backrest are just tall enough to visually cover those sitting behind you, in fact you can't see anyone unless you stand up or lean to the sides.  It's pretty simple but the wood furniture is solid and sturdy.

Here's a focal point in the center of the walls, this is as large as approximately 6' x 8' antique art piece. I believed it was handpainted onto some kind of wood.  It was truly a fine folk art piece in the decorative collection of the owners. I was in awe and admiration of this piece of art and told myself I would someday paint something like this in a different design....

The ceilings are mostly hand hewn logs, exposed beams and exposed tubes with some hanging synthetic plants.  The style is somewhat decorated in the style of an Italian indoor garden, especially in the representation of the unfinished brick walls.

On the right side at the front entrance is a corner reserved for a small stage area where bands
can play and entertain the customers.  As you can see , that huge poster art
is very eye catching and interesting, most likely a recruitment poster from World War I 
that depicts a feminine personification of the liberty of the  United States.

There were two large carpets that were laid separately on the center of the restaurant's hard wood floors.
They are of Persian or Caucasian design and red is their dominant color.

Alas !  The most awaited moment....

What's on the menu?  You can view Boon's Treasury menu here.  They offer Northwest-style pub fare that incorporates the freshest seasonal ingredients from local & regional growers and producers

 We have tried many of the different restaurants the McMenamin Brothers own.  Each has a different style and their own fine variations of food to offer.  Eclectic foods, bacons, burgers, fries, salads,etc. 
They even all sport freshly made coffee, distilled spirits, wines, ales, beer and cigars.
Certainly all of the typical American pub-style flavors one could ask for!

( My husband's entre: "The Dungeon Burger" - grilled mushrooms, Tillamook swiss cheese,
Hickory smoked bacon, all melted onto an all-beef hand-made hamburger, 
placed on top of a freshly made roll-type bun with red Bermuda  onions,
Pleasnt Farms dill pickles, fresh leaf lettuce and Terminator Stout Mustard.  It came with a small assorted greenss dinner salad with a homemade Peppercorn Ranch dressing.)

  ( Our hand-sliced french fry appetizer and my entre: Vegetarian Greek Style wrap with Hummus, feta cheese, cucumber, tomato, marinated onion, kalamata olives, & crisp romaine lettuce)

Have a delicious week, all !

Sunday, May 22, 2011

40-Days Favorite Posts

Better late than never..without further adieu,
here we go to my favorited 40-day posts from the other beautiful bloggers!

March 16, 2011
My New Fitness Inspiration: Nicole Murphy

Well, as I see, I couldn't believe Nicole had 5 kids in this body!!  Who wants to be like her?...
Raise your hands....( I'm raising!)  So girls, fashion is not just looking good when you are young, the challenge?  Be beautiful even if you became a mother!

March 28, 2011
Cristina and Co.
On My Bedside Table...

Wondering to myself, if I ever read this book, would it make me feel young?  This is a children's book about Audrey Hepburn's life, and I was caught by these beautiful and colorful illustrations !  Check this out:
"Just Being Audrey" by Margaret Cardillo

April 8, 2011
Fashion, Make-up, Lifestyle
33 Beauty Myths: Fact or Fiction

Fact or fiction every woman must know, from beauty products, body fitness, to skin and health.  Such as, in two years, it's time to toss away a lipstick!

April 16, 2011
Margaret Cruzemark
Age Was Never  A Matter

Look at Dear Girl, in her old age!! It's not me, what I mean is, I still want to look fabulous when I am old........am I not the only one?  See the outrageous fashion of every elderly women in this post!


I hope you all would try to check my favorites and don't forget
to let me know what you think you would most likely read!

By the way, in addition to this, A Woman's Right To Shoes  launched her guest blog about places
 bloggers have traveled.  So if you went on some trips and would love to share your experiences,
feel free to contact her.

Also, I Fly A Starship has a GIVEAWAY which ends this Teusday, the 24th! 
 C'mon gals, you still have a chance to join!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hats in the Museum

It's weekend again, my favorite days of the week!!!
This is a quick post of my visit to a small museum in the town of Silverton, Oregon...
They have a small showcase of vintage hats from 1840 through the 1920's and since I love vintage hats,
I got to see many that were I like to look for myself.  Also, it is great to have a knowledge of vintage hats
 and tell which era they are from and what the design is made of.  One of the sources I found knowledgeable was the book Ladies' Vintage Accessories  by LaRee Johnson Bruton.   It  not only talks about hats,
but addresses everything a woman owns in her closet.

( Calvin Klein corduroy jacket, vintage top, vintage scarf, Esprit belt, Maxx Rave pants,
Doeskin hat, Fendi purse, socks from my husband, Steve Madden loafers)

Also at the museum, was this wardrobe that used to be how women kept and stored their clothing in the early years of  the last century.  This dresser had no hanger rods, but instead utilized shelves and drawers only. 
 This piece of fine furniture is very tall and was heavily built. 
More so when one sees it's majestic size in person.
I wish only that the style of hat holder perched atop the dresser would be more
 readily available in the markets of today...as with the necktie holder on the far right wall.

On this outfit....I was wearing the hat my husband gave me on my birthday of this year. 
We purchased this after finding it in an antique store in historic old town Salem. 
It's made of 100% wool felt, accented wooden beads and marked Doeskin.

( a photo of my husband's gifts from my birthday 2 months ago )

Do you have any particular item you found recently
 that is interesting to share ?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

That Orange House in Belmont Street

There are some parts of Portland I have yet to visit, but when we went down a street called "Southeast Belmont", I immediately fell in love with the houses, the commercial buildings, even the very aroma of the hip SE Portland lifestyle.  There were restaurants, coffeshops, and the beautiful facaded historical houses. 
I even wished I could live there someday! 

Isn't it wonderful when you can wake up in the morning, look out the window, and see the city and it's people, ranging from hippies to hipsters to homeless, all fashionable people in their own way walking, biking and sitting outside the local bistro's and coffee shops?  I love that kind of location, but since the economy here in America is pretty much hurting as of this time, we are living and working in the country side 45 minutes from Portland safe in the knowledge that my husband's job is well paying, safe and secure in what are bad times for many Americans.  Hopefully, after the economy improves... and after much scrimping and saving to own a house ....-- We may eventually reside in the SE Belmont area in the future...! 

Got this sweater from a Portland Ebayer, whom I won it from in an auction on Ebay!  But definitely, I placed a bid on it solely for it's design even I was not sure if it would fit me! In fact, this is how I liked it, a shirt dress sweater!  The prints were woven and each represents a mode of traveling, such as by land on a train, through the air in a plane and across the sea via ship.   The fourth one (on my far left bottom) is the sun, which gives light and good weather when traveling and transporting anywhere in the world.

There are so many stylish facaded houses on Belmont St. but this one's color and design was so bright
 from afar and quickly caught my attention!  The architectural form is very classical which reminds me of the books I read on Fairy Tales, along with the magical and fantasy movies of my childhood,
 like "Goldilocks and the Three Bears"!  As for this house, I love the wall shingles in scalloped
shapes and the pointed attic designed roof tops!

( vintage sweater from Ebay, Dooney and Bourke satchel bag, Avenue tights, socks from husband,
Ami Clubwear shoes, rings: Nordstrom, flea marketed, vintage necklace and ring)

Speaking of a house, my husband and I are starting the quest of "house hunting" right now. Since our baby came, things are just getting too crowded at home. Hopefully with a new and larger home, I can have my own closet room- "slash"- hobby room, just as the baby has his own room as does my husband with his beer can collection room. I have always been in love with Victorian houses or historical houses, but they are hard to find in good condition or for a decent price. We are crossing our fingers!

Do you have any type of house preference?  Please tell us about it...!  Would you prefer to live in the city in a smaller house or in the countryside but in a bigger house?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Drawing Request: Lexy of Quirky Explosion

Hi! Beautiful readers!  This is the first time I am going to feature a blogger in drawing request.  Does anyone know Lexy from the blog Quirky Explosion?  She gave me this idea to draw her image by request, even though she is a very good artist, I was so flattered by this challenge that I had to give it a try!

For me, I can see her statement of fashion and personality reflecting on her blog title, "Quirky", which is a state of being unpredictable in an original way; an individual peculiarity of character or mannerism, and "Explosion", which can have several meanings.... whether a "loud and violent release of energy" or an "increasing in the number" of something.  This is only my personal opinion, but I guess she accurately described herself in those two title words!  She is definitely not camera shy, and she can outrageously yet artfully mix together any outfits .

Meet Lexy in my own interpretation from one of her spring fashion posts called, "Corn on the Cob".

Here's how it started... then we continued on e-mails !

".... . Also, your drawing is awesome. It's so fun. Draw me? Haha. (I say "haha." But I'm really serious. I would love a drawing of me! But, you know, no pressure... hehehe.) QUIRKYEXPLOSION.blogspot.com "

By Lexy @ Quirky Explosion on Wardrobe Post - Church Blooms on 4/20/11

I also thought the first time I saw her, she reminded me of a Filipina actress and singer named,
"Sarah Geronimo" , who also is probably of her age range. Their physical build and
appearance almost look the same, but Lexy is ethnically Chinese....so don't get me wrong.
It was just my initial impression based upon my personal Filipino background.

.....  Do you also want to be featured in a drawing form?  Feel free to contact me, send me your favorite photograph and ask me any questions to deargril_blogger@live.com.  As of this case, Lexy had me chose any photos from her blog, but it would be easier if you send me a specific one.  All drawings are for blog use only, if you want a hard copy for yourself, let me know ahead so I can draw in a better and nicer paper not smaller than 8" x 10" for $10.00 without shipping. (shipping varies by country of location)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Piglet Sleeps Here

It is a very disappointing weekend, my last blog post ( "Orchids, Dots and Blings" ) on Wednesday,
May 11th, had disappeared from my blog soon after I published and got several comments from it. So now it looks as if I haven't posted for the last three days because of what happened.  Blogger noted that it was removed temporarily and will be restored (technical glitch?)....but I do not know until when?

Anyhow, blogging must go on in spite of such sad technical errors. 
Let me leave you a brief artwork which I did many months ago for my son's nursery room.
I call him "Piglet", the Squeaking Piglet !
I made this artwork from some extra wood, rope, watercolor, buttons, ribbons
and scrapbook materials.  (My husband drilled the holes for me.)

Enjoy viewing!

What other nickname do you think you would love to call your baby
--- aside from their first names?
( If you are planning or even not planning to have one?)

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