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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beautiful Women Edition ( 8th Issue ) - Laura

I have been delving into my different interviews of a few women I picked for my monthly Beautiful Women Edition.  With this constant dedication, I have hunted fabulous and talented ladies, from a model who was once served in the military, a mathematician who became a model, a reknowned fashion designer in Ireland, a Pianist who became obsessed with hair wigs, a little girl who collects costumes and Barbies,
and now..... what do I have for you?..........A fashion blogger, fashion editor and a fencer athlete all in one from Oregon!

Name:  Laura Hunter-Thomas

Occupation /s :
Fashion Editor
 for The Printed Blog and

           Stock Market Research Analyst

Nationality: British

Age: 19 y/o


This talented fashion editor is not only a writer and a fashionista but has a talent for singing and dancing. 
Even she says she is not really smart, she is just hard working and aims to have good grades!
Most of all she is a fencer who has competed all over Europe (Russia, Italy, Hungary, UK,
Germany, France) and the US, and won quite a few medals and trophies
(Laura said, "I have a dedicated bookshelf for them at home, which never gets dusted!" ).

(Taken at a tournament called 'The Battle in Seattle' in Seattle)

Her best experience at a fencing tournament is so hard to define - she had so many! But she would probably say beating a Ukranian Olympic Team Gold Medallist in a tournament was pretty special!   She started fencing training at age 11 so it's been a little while in the making! Don't get her wrong though, she said
"I've still got so far to go!"

(with her fencing pupil after he won a medal)

This 19 year old girl doesn't have a college education yet, but wait...
She is applying to Harvard University after taking a year out to focus on fencing!

" I'd like to major in English and minor in something totally different like business management.  I'm then planning on taking a two-year course in Fashion Marketing from Parsons - and then maybe I'll get a job!"

In fashion, she has a great collection of accessories: designer silk scarves (my favourite is by Michael Van Der Ham), bags, and shoes, especially - She has so many different styles! Her favourites are a pair of Jeffrey Campbells.

Meet Laura at her blog:
(formerly, Obcessive Coolness)
This lady's mantra is defined as:
"Nothing is Impossible".

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Safari Blast

Do I look like a Park Ranger?!  This was the outfit I wore for my son's birthday celebration.  Since his nursery theme was animals and the color was brown, (chosen by the mommy before he was born)...His daddy and I had to dress like guardians of the wildlife park!  The birthday celebrant dressed like the King of the Jungle!

How do you choose the theme for a baby before he is even born? I kind of wondered how as well, but because you have to prepare the nursery before he arrives, you have to have something in mind to decorate it as. I came up with a "wildlife safari" theme because my husband's family are connected to animals, and nature in general, the grandpa is an avid bird watcher, the uncle is a National Park Superintendent (Wind Cave National Park) and the aunt was a National Park Ranger, his first blanket had a bear design, and that was the genesis of my nursery design idea. My husband and I also traveled among many state and national parks and chased after wildlife after we got married, and it was a lot of fun!  I love watching these creatures in the wild and chasing them with my camera.

In celebrating a one year old's birthday, you have to go to websites and read a few books for tips.  Usually, you just have to limit your guests to ensure a smaller crowd and fewer overstimulating faces.  You also have to use his high chair to keep him from moving and fussying.  Keep the decorations very simple, give him a cake that has less sugar and no chocolate flavors to play and eat with. 

(his cake and the banner I made)

( in his nursery room)

( vintage top, thrifted skirt and belt, Ross untilitarian booties,
bracelet and scrunchies from Philippines, F21 ring)

Although some people believe that one year olds don't remember their birthdays, why would you not celebrate it? The point why we did as parents is because the first year of his life only happens once and it is a remarkable event that is deserving of a celebration among friends.

Guess what!? I had one of the most wonderful milestones of my life!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Wardrobe Post - False Alarm

When you think something is going to happen yet in the end it doesn't,
that is the definition of a "false alarm"...
I am talking about the weather...
It was so warm yesterday that I didn't even need a coat and it felt like summer,
but then, this morning, it was a downpour of cold wintery rain...
I switched into 3 to 4 outfits before I got the right one...

At first, I thought I had to wear  rain boots, but when I saw the sun coming out so brightly
 from the clouds that I had to change from my short dress top into this outfit I am wearing now...
I got this dress four years ago from the Philippines and it is one of my favorites!

It was such a personally crazy weekend that I had no choice but to not update my blog for a bit...
I am back now updating like usual...
There were just too many things to take care of last weekend......My son's birthday party, Easter,
doctor appointment, jewelry repair, buying-packing birthday gifts for 4 other family members...
and many, many other things that just had to be taken care of....

Just too darn much to do with too little time to do it.
I promise, I do look at the posts I missed on your blogs even if I only commented on the latest one...
You know, my blogger friends are special to me, who else would love to talk about
clothes, shoes, vanity, and physical appearance ?

           (Vintage 1920's art deco metal handbag with a canoe on a lake surrounded by trees pattern, 
              inherited from my husband's grandmother.)

( handmade headband by my mother )

Attic Memoirs headband, scrunchies from my mother, flea marketed scarf,
dress from Philippines, F21 tights, purse from husband's grandmother,
rings: flea marketed, vintage, and from my brother, Target shoes (2 yrs ago @ $32.50)}

So we'll see tomorrow... will it be warm?..or cold?...
My concern is that everytime it rains, I have to wear my rainboots, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. 
I try to keep my other shoes as clean and as worthy of display as much as possible...
Oh....the rainy days of Oregon...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

This Week I....

...beaded some necklaces for my own use,
that includes a gift for my mother-in-law...
( these beads have been sitting here for ages)

... watched my friend Amanda's church concert...
( with classical violinist John Nastari in performing works by Handel,
Bach, Kreisler, MacDowell and many more )

...indulged to wine and grapes...
( my desert...)

...ate sushi and fish days in a row...
( It's abstinence time...)

... helped the "Library Sale"
by buying these books for only $1 each!...
( I've got long ways to read, the excitement awaits!)

...burned some files from my hard drive ....
(good deal stack of CDs you can get from Target)
( I need to have more space and back-up files--wheew work!)

...made an artwork...
( duh....)

.... put my Etsy store on SALE - Give Your
BEST OFFER on $5.00 or more...
( excludes items on Sale category - runs until May 5, 2011)

.... handwashed paisleys and lace....
(  purchased by my husband )

Of course you know I am a mom, too chasing a little boy - besides that....
Believe it or not... all these are worth it, and I just wanted to lie early in bed at the end of the day!

Monday, April 18, 2011

One Year

(Daddy's handwriting)

(Daddy's handwriting)


to my(our) one and only little man!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tasting: Going Hawaiian

We were strolling along the streets of Portland in search of some different type of cuisine,
until I insisted that we stop at Gustav's German Restaurant...
fixing my hair and looking in the mirror before we went in,
my husband made this pleading face and said...
" Are you sure you want to eat here?....I grew up eating German food and I hated it....
( frowny face, sad eyes, bottom lip out...)"
 (my mother-in-law is of German descent)

 ...........  thanks goodness to nearby Ohana Hawaiian Cafe and it's eye-catching bright rust orange colored facade that looked inviting and interesting enough for even this man with me who hates pineapples to try.  We decided to check Ohana Hawaiian Cafe out and see what culinary offerings they had to offer to two accidental customers such as us.

 (Portuguese Linguica Sausage Appetizer)

Japanese style Chicken Curry comes with sticky Rice and Macaroni Salad

Vegetarian Grilled Tofu in a Teriyaki Sauce with Sticky Rice and Macaroni Salad

If you look at the entree, they seem to be simple and small, right?
But I recommend this place, I was full and satisfied , the food is very tasty,
authentically Hawaiian and awesomely good!

6320 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland OR 97213
phone (503) 335-5800

    Have a foodie weekend!!

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