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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beautiful Women Edition ( 5th Issue ) - Layla

Hello to my readers.  Time for my special monthly feature , the Beautiful Women Edition.
I am so pleased to introduce you the daughter of my friend Jenn, named Layla.  She is the youngest beautiful lady that I am featuring on this category and I hope you guys can see from yourself a childhood or take an inspiration for your future little girl. 

 Attic Memoirs on Etsy.

I had a lot of fun!  I had a baby boy and all want to tell other moms, having such a wonderful kid is a lot of joy everyday.   * Thanks Jenn for sharing Layla and her passion to us. 
 To view my baby boy's nursery room, click here.

A photo taken by Layla
( Croft and Borrow sheer top, Calvin Klein belt, Rampage shorts, AMI gladiator wedges)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Monical's Restaurant Interior Design

 Featuring the lovely and whimsical interiors of Monical's Pizza Restaurant from one of my trips to Illinois.

With lots of entertainment around for the family,
vintage posters and toys were all over the suspended ceiling niches. 

Actual carousel statues hanged on the ceiling and emphasized with playful spotlights.

....And what makes people come back...the sumptous taste of food. 
Salad and pizza buffet is also available. 
In fact the food are running out for too much number of customers.. still even willing to wait in line.

The fashionable vintage wall decors were on several walls. 
These are 1920's fashion illustrations, of course captured me with no doubt.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Flower Girl Headbands from Attic Memoirs

I remember way back when I was in grade school, my mother used to design hair bows for me. 
Layers and layers of bows that the clip is sewn at the back of the bow. 
 I wish I still have them but I am sure they are still in my little old bedroom in my parents' house. 

On my grade graduation day, she made me a white bow that matched the dress which she also designed for my graduation ( she designed all of my graduation dresses including my wedding gown). 
That bow matched the fabric of my dress sleeves. 

 This year, I asked my mom to make hair bows and head bands, just like she used to do when I was little.  But this time, I love to model them, wear them and even sell them.  I want her to nourish her talent and have a wider exposure for her skills.  In this post, I am showcasing some of her finished flower girl headbands and colorful clippies.  They are now available in my Etsy store, Attic Memoirs

These are the first three flower girl headbands that she made.  Currently, she is so busy making some more and other designs and colors.  I hope to have them on February, I hope!  She has a job at the same time but inspite of, she told me that this is like a hobby, fulfilling her own design skills.

White Flower Girl Headband w/o Bow

 More colors will arrive soon. You can also see some of her handmade scrunchies. 

The color yellow reminds me of my mother's motif on her wedding day.
She sew the dresses of her own flower girls too! 
That was when I was not born, but I saw the photos of course.=)

 These are the handmade scrunchies, this will be on limited time since my mom
is too busy to sew more of them.  We want to concentrate on the handmade headbands instead. 
Her new designs are oversized flowers, which you will see soon in my store.
Feel free to ask and have a visit on my Etsy store=).

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My 40-Day Favorite Bloggers Posts

I cannot help but share this with you, pretty ladies ....my blog post favorites from my followers!
Let's begin from my initial post on December 15, 2010 up to my now 40th post.
If I say, my favorites, it means I was seriously interested and curious and loving the input,
not just of the photos but basically the knowledge I learned.

An e-magazine based in Bangkok, Thailand. 
I was proud to be part of Shebelle's achievement by contributing an article
on the Portland Fashion Week and the last page of my actual musings on her blog Almost Sober
Featured on the cover was the model Kanyanat Bamrumphong.

Shoe size problems?  I have one, and if you also do, visit the author of StyleMeFab
and read her December post on what cosmetic technology can make possible

Raid the closet and the interesting arrangements of blogger,
The Wise Rabbit Says in her MONOTONE post.

If you want to know the unbelievable things which happened in the fashion world in 2010,
here's A LOOK BACK from Red-Soled Fashionista.

Worried how to style your hair??  My  fashionable hairstylist friend Angela
of Everyone Loves Lipstick has her weekly tutorial for hair and make-up.
Her SASSY UP DO TUTORIAL with curls spinned my brain!

Widen your imagination as the Seamstress Stories from Germany takes you
to her vacation to Cambodia in her CAMBODIA TRAVELOGUE I - THE PAST.

Eyeglasses without the glass?? ! 
Yes that's the new trend ! Discover where to shop and show them
 in your outfits from the blogger La Dorian in her post, HIGHBROW.

 Finally, don't skip this blog posted by The Secret Life of D about the 11 year-old genius
 fashion designer whose designs are worn by celebrities' kids and who also is a close friend
of Betsey Johnson and Diane Von Furstenberg on FASHION ICON REVIEW.

Thanks to my followers for sharing this and in that way I can also share these with others.
I hope you enjoyed my favorites!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wardrobe Post: School Girl Uniform

This is from my trip to Illinois.  It's a neighbor state of Missouri, so, forgive me for repeating my outfits since my luggage was very limited.  I was wearing the same glare glasses and boots.  (The only thing I used everyday that was not shown was my bag that I used as a diaper bag at the same time.) Still I was lucky to be able to bring three heavy coats with me! I had this tweed coat with paisley print silk lining on this outfit.  I collect school girl uniform skirts,.. I am a huge fan of the school uniform prints!

I love the ivy climbing the brick wall, so I took pictures at this spot.  School girl uniforms remind me of Scottish kilts and I have always adored the Scottish clan's war garments. The over all Scottish tartan look, including the war jackets and the hat, I find to be so beautiful that I am currently aiming for one.

( z.b.d. Design tweed trench coat, Gap blouse, black inner top from my mother, Roxy school girl print skirt, Gap tights, watch - a present from my mother-in-law, necklace - a present from sister-in-law, socks given by aunt, Ross boots, Ralph Lauren glare glasses, Nine West bag)

This was taken at a Monical's Pizza Restaurant after a good meal of pizza! I would love to share with you the interior design of the pizza place sometime.  Anyway, below are the photos of some nice spots that I took in Illinois, where we went particularly in Springfield, Decatur, and Mt. Pulaski.  We went there to visit my husband's German relatives and it was the first time for me to see them.  That was such a wonderful moment!

Anyway, Mt. Pulaski was a town where a young Abraham Lincoln once practiced law in, he also lived in Decatur and Springfield, so when you see Illinois, Abraham Lincoln represents the icon of the state. He is a distant relative of my husband's American side of family from his mother who died when he was a child and  before his father remarried.  I also saw the school where he went to practice his law.  It brings a feeling of luck whenever I went through the steps of the famous people in the world.  It means a lot to me.

What do you think about school girl uniform skirts? 
How about treading through the hometown of one of the Presidents of United States?
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