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Monday, October 10, 2011

The PFW Last Day Outfit

So here was my outfit that I prepared for the last day event of Portland Fashion Week 2011, the day when the crowd was bigger than the previous shows.  It was all set in my mind to wear the velvet turtle neck top with glittered beads that my mother gave me until, I decided to change it 3 hours before I left the house.  ( three hours before, I was at the mall still shopping!)

This was what actually happened...I purchased a pair of Bebe shoes online on Monday and it arrived Thursday.  The date is not the problem, it was the size...it ran very small!!  So a few hours before the event, I had to go shop for shoes and ended up buying nothing!  I could not let my principle of wearing good shoes taken over by  panic buying for something to replace which I don't really like. 

I kept thinking and thinking, and an idea lit up my mind!  Alas!  I am changing my outfit into a rockish top, and pair it with my Jeffrey Campbell oxfords (which looks almost similar to the Bebe pair)...

I purchased this skirt on Fashion's Night Out this September 8th.  It was on sale, from $91.00 to $29.99.
Binggo!..I was so madly inloved on this tutu skirt!!
( Photo taken on September 8th)

Since I am not an expert in make-up, I just randomly picked whatever I think fits my need,
a new maskara from Cover Girl and an eye liner cream from Maybelline..
on the small bag is the big brooch from Felicity, one of my favorite local boutiques in the town of Salem.

( I changed my purse 5 minutes before I left the house!!)

(flea marketed vintage hat, DKNY tee, Felicity brooch, Bebe tutu skirt, tights from Hong Kong,
DKNY socks, Jeffrey Campbell oxfords, bag from Las Vegas)

See you next for the actual outfits that I worn on the Fashion Week!!


  1. Loving the colors but especially LOVING those shoes!!!


  2. Very punk-chic look, DG! This a great example of being creative and rolling with the punches when our plans don't quite work out. Will you have photos of you wearing the look? I hope you had fun at FW!

  3. Cute girlie illustrations--I love the pops of color.

    And I'll bet the pink tutu looked great on you. If you have any pix from the fashion show, post 'em.

  4. Gosh, I would be crazy if my outfit had a problem! But You did it great and the second outfit is lovely!
    I always LOVE your sketches (I wish I could draw like this!!)


  5. Loving the sketches! Hope you had a great time!
    Take care :)

  6. awww you have sketched out two cuuute outfits!! I like the both!! I wish I could go to cool fashion events like you!! <3
    also, they do have high heeled converse high tops!! here are two different types:


  7. I like your second outfit better and i want to see pictures!!!
    Many kisses and hugs my dearest baby girl!!!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  8. Your art is a very accurate rendering!

  9. And they all looked AMAZING on you girl. LOVE your sketches so created and talented.

    <3 Marina


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