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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Guess what!   I am very excited today since it is the first day of Portland Fashion Week 2011!  What is so exciting?  I received my first press pass together with my photographers for this highlight event of the year in Oregon!  As for a few of you who have known that I now work as the Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of a magazine named Scopic, a fashion and art magazine of the Northwest. We had our premiere issue this September and some of the blogggers that I picked were featured.  More of this on my next post!

Meanwhile, before I drive to Portland this afternoon, I just want to drop by and post the first three days outfit that I have been worrying of "what to wear?" for weeks!  (Fashion Week lasts for 4 days, and the last day is the big day event!)  Most of these are only from my closet, and I bought a few new stuff to match what I already have on hand.

 October 5th - ( Vintage lace dress ( originally the length is up to my toes!- but I sewed the hem months ago), Betsey Johnson oversize belt {new}, and Jessica Simpson Dany platforms. 
( I am still thinking which bag to bring...)

I decided to have different expressions on my drawing illustrations...so this one came up like this...
and maybe I have to wear a pair of gray socks or not?... we'll see!

For this outfit, I wanted it coordinated with the Sporty day, the second day.  The show will be featuring athletic wears.  Yeah, not really athletic for this but atleast the shorts?  I got the top and the shorts from Marshalls, have to balance my expenses on my brand new stuff!

( sheer top with ruffles from Marshalls, leather shorts from Marshalls {both new},
Nordstrom over-the-knee high socks,
Prada belt, vintage t-strap shoes from House of Vintage in Portland,
flea marketed vintage hat and 40-year-old purse,)

This illustration is purposely made to be a little distorted.  The legs had to be lean and unequal.
I took the distortion inspiration from the sketches of Alexander Terekhov who interned for
Yves Saint Laurent.  He is one of my favorite fashion illustrators!

Here's for the third day, took this inspiration from Ralph Lauren's fall 2011 collection.
Again, this skirt is below my knee and I sewed it's hems to make it shorter ( like very short-short!),
although Ralph Lauren's is below the knee length.  I am portraying a school girl look
for this evening just for the fun of it!

( Vintage top, vintage skirt, fur neck accessory from my brother Zoe,
Bebe over-the-knee high socks, Tommy Hilfiger mary janes {new}, and Fendi purse)

So happy with this first Tommy shoes I owned and it is made of leather with a 3 1/2" heels. 
Even it is 1/2 inch larger, I could not resist !!

How's everyone's fashion week going?
Since it is a 4 day event, I never wanted to splurge my money on shopping - I mixed my existing clothes with some new stuff.  I will reserve my last day outfit for you gals since I am still waiting for my shoes to arrive from the mail!  Besides, it is going to be the biggest day, so...SURPRISE!!


  1. Congratulations! Nice outfits, too. I envy your ability to pull off thigh-high socks with short skirts or shorts...

  2. Ooooooh, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE those velvet Jessica Simpsons!!! Excited for ya!


  3. Congrats! I can't wait to see these looks put together in person! I think the purple heels would look great with the gray socks. My favorite look out of them all is the red ensemble. I love red and I really adore the red hat! Have fun at fashion week!

  4. Yay Scopic! I am so proud of everyone who pulled it all together.

    And your outfits are finally revealed! Your first outfit is my favourite. It's going to be such a stunner. I think grey socks would be a great addition to the outfit! You must remember to show us photos of you wearing your outfits on the day of!

    Also, thank you for your very sweet birthday comment on my blog. :)

  5. yay!
    I really like your ideas for the outfits <3 and your sketches of them are great!!

  6. The Sporty Day looks is my favorite. The red shoes are so cute!!!
    Lovely post, fantastic pics!!!
    Kisses and hugs and lots of love baby girl!!!
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  7. Great outfits and sketches!! Ho on earth did I miss the news about working for Scopic! Congrats on that! You'll make such an excellent editor!


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