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Monday, July 11, 2011


I can say this honestly....."I am not going to shop for clothes and shoes for three months." 

This past May I made my last purchases of shoes and this past June for clothes.  For the last items which I am showing to you, some of these are not even from my pocket.  I have been working for some goals lately, in fact, I have a job now and am taking an educational classes.  My husband started a business with me and pretty much, I am the "Visionary" (the person who sees the big picture) and the "Deck Swabber" (the person who does most of the work) of our ship.  This is a hard job to begin with because I have to do most of the day to day task and the business requires a certain passion and focus.  At the same time, we are also looking to buy a house that will give us more room and no neighbors, and we further need a truck for my husband so he can load our needs for the new place. 

Now you know and understand that shopping for my clothes and shoes is not one of my priorities right now.  Three months is my preparation time period and devotion to these important goals is paramount.  I am not feeling bad, I've still got lots of never worn reserves in my closet and they are actually more of a hoarding situation than something I usually wear.  The only exception I will consider from my spending abstinence are the maintenance needs for my hair, foot spa and my dermatologist.

Victoria's Secret always has given me a comfortable feel, it's almost like wearing nothing.  Their underwear are excellent even for the sporty days.  I don't usually use fragrances and lipsticks, but just in case, I needed some for an occasion...I bought these so I would have an immediate back-up. 
Crafts Warehouse had a clearance on Christmas stickers ($4.99 only 1.99, the rest are 99cents!) and I am finishing my first Christmas scrapbook album, so, might as well buy while they are having their best deal on them!  My husband purchased most of this for me!

This jewelry designer "slash" fashionista of Little Witches/ Tiny Wizards named Dimi sent me
 these wonderful and memorable handmade jewelries for a give-away prize which I won! 
 Elegantly boxed comes a beautiful and tempting post card with it, making me want to visit Greece! 

Here's a bunch of hand-me-down books from my husband's niece, Rachel..she took some college literature classes and does a lot of reading for college.  I couldn't be any more thankful for such a gift....

Lastly, both of these books costs $80.00, my husband got them for me for only $15.00
at the Marion County Fair and still brand new!  Can't beat that price.


Have you abstained, or thought of abstaining
 for shopping at all for more than 30 days? 
Tell me your HORROR stories!!!! 


  1. ooo!! good luck with that! I have gone through periods of time where i don't buy anything either.. Mostly I am already really frugal, I don't like spending money, especially on things that wont last.. It is nice being single because then I don't ever feel like I should pay for my date ^-^ haha! Also, good luck with trying to do all of the plans you have set out for you and your family! I am sure you will get everything done, time is key!!

  2. I've tried to and failed miserably!!!!
    Good luck with your new experience!!!

  3. i think it's great that you're going to abstain from shopping. i wish i was more diligent about it. i did do it for lent and honestly, it was hard at first, but once i stopped it wasn't too bad. sometimes i think it's like an addiction, the more you buy the more you want to buy. but if you stop looking and shopping you sorta get used to it.

    anyway, good luck with that and your new business!


  4. I wish I could abstain from shopping! Good for you, so very impressive. I should do this... maybe take a month off!

  5. I can totally understand your feelings!
    But i guess i'd never could abstain from shopping!
    So good luck!

  6. Hi There,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I love your blog header graphic. Very cool.
    I am actually currently in a shopping hold as well. Started July 1st and my goal is to go until my b-day which is mid August. First off I have more summer/spring combinations (outfits) that I can wear for 3 years. Second I want to stop purchasing things for the current season and three I really should hold on to my savings money. I have done a 30 day one before and it was OK. towards the end it was very hard especially if I saw something I really wanted on sale knowing it wouldn't be there by the time i could shop. What helps is staying away from shops and internet sites.
    Good luck with yours. You have great other priorities to keep you motivated.
    Your last shoe purchases were awesome. Loving those lucky boots.

  7. I am sure you had fun with all your purchases. Good luck in the self inflicted drought. Xxxx

  8. I know exactly what you're going through. I just ordered two pairs of shoes from Endless and while they weren't particularly expensive my husband was really upset with me because bills are piling up. His feelings are understandable, but I promised him I'd lay off the shopping for a while so I need to keep my own promise.
    As for your purchases, those look like great books especially the flapper fashion one. Congrats on scoring such a deal. And congratulations on winning the giveaway jewelry too.

  9. I am currently on month 2 of my 6-month challenge, where I won't be shopping for clothing or accessories (new or used) for 6 months. It's hard, especially because I use shopping to de-stress, but it's been really rewarding so far. Good luck with your own personal challenge :)

  10. I have never actually put myself through a shopping abstinence. I don't actually shop a lot, and so if I do see something I really really want for a good price, I don't hold back. Haha, that's a lot of Victoria Secret underwear you got there! XD


  11. AW YEAH GURL YOU CAN DO IT! WOOHOOO! This is actually really wonderful - I'm sure you'll find great ways to be super creative from what you have! You're a super creative ladyyy.

    I've never done this. I'm sure I could... in theory. But ah, I just love thrifting and vintage shopping and eek. It's just the fun of that that I would miss - not necessarily buying things. Ho humm.

    Good luck!


  12. Girl good look!!! I have tried and failed over and over and over again!!! So come on lady show us is due able!!!

    <3 Marina

  13. Great stuff!!!, how is the project going?, will email you....

  14. You can totally do it! As you know, I tried a 1-year shopping fast, and while I didn't always stick to it when I saw some super bargain or just had to buy something out of necessity, I'd still call it a success. And I didn't find it that hard... If you want to go longer than 30 days, I recommend allowing yourself to still buy basics (underwear, socks, stockings) and to still replace any workhorse clothes that break and are really needed. Also, having a big refashioning stash helps, didn't you write about a bunch of vintage dresses you got a while ago?

  15. OMG!! How did I miss that (I blame you, damn Bloglovin'!). Beautiful pics dear! Thanks for the presentation of my goodies - my heart fills with joy every time one of my lovely friends gets a piece of jewellery I made!
    And my relationship with shopping would probably shock you, since I abstain almost everyday! Last time I shopped was probably around Easter (a t-shirt and a fedora/ cost: 18 euro). But I shopped twice this year for jewellery supplies (almost 1000 euro), so like you, I have different priorities in life lately!! Kisses honey :)

  16. I wish you all the luck in the world! I've tried to abstain from shopping for even 2 weeks and I can't seem to do it :( I really should though!


  17. Congrats on winning Dimi's giveaway! I love reading her blog every time she posts. Greece looks so beautiful in her photos. Good luck with your shopping ban! I've been on a shopping ban for a month now.
    Congrats on starting your own business! I hope it's very successful and all of your research would be worth it!


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