"Create magic when you have -- no time..."
- copyright quote by Dhee-Ghee Palmer

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

7 Unique Things About Myself

Seven unique things???

Okay, before I proceed, I got an award from Jenna,
Author of the blog Miss Outfit.
She is probably really busy with school, but bloggers,
try to visit her site and be friends with her.

The award she gave to me also contained the 7 things
 you have to say about yourself. 
Guess what the award is,
and what the 7 unique things about me are going to be??!

 I got the Versatile Blogger Award !
Thanks Jenna!

There are of course a few rules
to accept this award and these are:

1. Thank the giver of the award and link back to who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 unique things about yourself.
3. Pass it along to 7 blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy
4. Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award.

( Vintage top {made to a short dress}, flea marketed necklace,
necktie - stolen from husband, stockings given to by my mother,
vintage sequined clutch, my handmade bracelet,
Nasty Gal giant glasses, Nine West granny shoes)

This was really hard for me to answer but here I go...

 7 Things About Me:

1. I have a doll named "Juliet" that I cherish,
and she's been with me since I was 2 y/o.

2. I can play the violin.

3. I am married to a man that has 4 college degrees.

4. I can speak 6 languages and dialects fluently,
and can write and speak in Norwegian.

5. I earned the highest grades in my graduating class 
while attending college in the following minor subjects:
 Speech and Communication,
Philosophy, and
Reading-Writing Skills in English.

6. I went to Nursing School and was
one of the only 4 students
out of the 48 in my cohort that passed.

7. I have a desire to study Fashion Design.

I pass this award to the beautiful girls
who are the Authors of the following blogs:

 Please send me a note when you had made this, too!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Beautiful Women Edition (3rd Issue) Katie

Katie Whitmore Cesena
24 y/o

This American born 5' 9 " tall model and actress
formerly served in the United States Navy
as a Gunners Mate. 

I asked her, "Why the military ?"...
Katie joined to serve our country and to keep up her family tradition
- which is serving our nation. 
She loves weapons and is mechanically inclined .

After some bad experiences while in the military,
Katie left the Navy and began modeling and acting.
As for myself, I  wonder if there truly is anything that can come out of the military
except for putting one's life in a theatre of war and being in mortal danger?
Is it worth leaving your family behind
with tears and longing in their eyes and hearts?

 Katie enjoys her life by doing her favorite hobbies;
dirt biking, singing, guns, reading, raising her 2 dogs and a turtle!
She still is modeling and acting and loves every second of it.
She once appeared on the Fox 5 Morning News in San Diego, California.

Yet, this blue eyed girl still has plans to go back to college to get her Doctoral degree 
so that she can become a Forensic Firearms Analyst. 
But she would never consider joining the military again,
despite her professed love for shooting guns!

She says,
" It makes me feel awesome when I am better at it than the boys!!"

What she wants to tell other women:

" I am a big dreamer
and I believe that you can achieve
any goal you set before yourself.

If you have a dream
go for it because no one can do it but you !!"

Thursday, November 25, 2010

For The Love of Mustard

3. Etsy
5. ( I forgot )

I will start on January, 
to collect every shoe color
 each month
except black and brown.
To begin with....

I'm loving, wishfully thinking of ...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Opportunities & Giveaways

Hi Ladies, if you have a dream to be on any of these below,
this is your chance to experience and learn!

M Shop NYC began as an uber-trendy downtown NYC brick &; mortar boutique
that dressed countless A-listers, including Mary J Blige, Shakira, L’il Kim,
Lenny Kravitz, Pharell, Eve, and the Dixie Chicks to name a few.

They have styled editorials, music videos, &; TV commercials;
design and sell our own successful M Shop line;
authored the guide booklet “How To Manufacture/Produce Your Designs”,
have a marketing partnership with 24/Seven; teach at Parsons The New School For Design;
and even boast an art gallery which supports new talent.

* How To Start Your Fashion Company (Clothing + Accessories Lines)

                  * How To Start Your Fashion Company (Boutique + E Commerce Website)

* How To Manufacture Your Clothing + Accessories Lines

* How To Do PR + Get Press/Write-Ups

* How To Become A Fashion Stylist

* How To Produce A Fashion Show

* Legal Aspects of Starting Your Fashion Company (Taught by Attorney)

* How To Be A Make-up Artist For Editorials, Ad Campaigns, &; Private Clients

* How To Be A Hair Stylist For Editorials, Ad Campaigns, &; Private Clients

* How To Effectively Market &; Brand Your Fashion Company

Simply register online @ http://www.mshopfashionworkshops.com
or contact: workshops@mshopnyc.com or (718) 501-1349
for more details on the workshops, 
 nationwide schedule, or other general information


And if you want to get more exposure
and have a space to be advertised for FREE in one of the blogger's page,
here is a chance to join The Button Owl's give away!
If you will win, you get a whole month of December ad space for free.

Join here and take the plunge! 


Meanwhile, there will be another giveaway coming from a blogger friend
The Style Treaty.  I just happened to browse the dashboard
and see who's giving the giveaways and share them,
although The Style Treaty and me do not really know each other,
I think this is a chance that we can all make more friends!

So follow her, and when she reaches 50 followers,
the surprise give away will be posted!


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Military and Mud Pie

Hi girls!  I have been away for a while, so forgive me
for not being as faithful to my blog as usual!
  My once-a-month scrapbooking get together came up, followed by the Craft Bazaar
 at which I rented a table to sell some scrapbooking and holiday paper goodies!
It was my first time renting a table the bazaar and if not for the short notice, 
I would have made more items. The handmade cards sold well. 
 I sell them for a buck each, envelope included. 
So, I am planning on spending more time over the next few weeks making more cards!

After too busy of a weekend, I took a restful power nap today ,
and had some "me time" in the sauna.  Ughhh...I feel much better!!
Hey girls!  I missed all of you,
and I promise I will go through
your posts that I missed!!
Anyhow, I am excited to addressing my Tasting topic again,
this time I wore my authentic WWII military dress "Ike" jacket.
The occasion was that we belatedly celebrated my husband's birthday
 on Veteran's Day, November 9th.

It's really hard to resist meat while trying to be a vegetarian! 
Since I first tasted the baby back ribs from one of our favorite restaurants,
The RAM Restaurant and Bighorn Brewery,
I can honestly say I will always come back for more. 
 The rib's succulent taste was the result of their being marinated with
micro-brewed beer which the brewmaster Mike Paladino 
creates and brews on the premises.

my meal - Baby Back Ribs w/ beans, fries and coleslaw

my husband's meal - Turkey, Havarti, Bacon, Avocado Melt w/ fries

This is a mud pie, an 8 inch tall ice cream cake dessert
on a crisp chocolate crust topped with almonds,
whipped cream and a rich milk chocolate syrup side dip.  
Definately a must have dessert specialty at The RAM. 
If you are a VIP or a Mug Club member of the restaurant,
you get this for free on your birthday.

My military dress jacket is so perfect for the winter...
very warm enough to embrace me in the cold.

I love this top!  I got this from an old church sale 
where I discovered one can find people's old  vintage clothes for a decent price. 
Shopping at this old church sale was like eating fudge for me! 
It truly was that scrumptuous!!  I have been good and decided to share
 some of the nice ones I found that didn't necessarily fit me with others. 

 Therefore, I am selling some of them in my Etsy store.  Check them out here
I still have lots of finds that I have not gone through
 and I'll be posting them when I have time.
 I will accept "best offers" from my blogger friends
 and combine shipping when you buy multiple items.

( Vintage 80's top, WWII Military dress jacket, Aeropostale denim skirt,
Nordstroms stockings, Target shoes - a present from Sister-In-Law,
 Nine West belt, Nasty Gal giant glasses.)

Have a good week everyone!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wishlist Updates

(Red check marks mean that wish has been obtained
 and misssion accomplished!!! =)

( Dress given by mother, Calvin Klein jacket,
socks from grocery store, sandals AMI, belt Nine West)

- copyright by Dhee-Ghee

                                          ( dress top Motherhood Maternity, shoes Converse All Star
                        earrings given by Mother -In-Law from Germany)

{Vintage dress (left in Philippines =(,
2 bracelets - my handmade - left in Philippines=( }

You can find the items on the last photo from Etsy
the stackable boxes are actually a PDF file,
with dress form mannequin prints.  I wish I can just buy it in a ready made set. 
Thinking to get my sewing stuff  together and keep them in that bag
...who knows when can I have my own sewing machine...? 
You can do anything with knitting, but I do not have this talent. 

Enjoy my wish list!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

First Autumn with Little One

This is my son Hunter. I just thought I would introduce him so you guys
may not wonder who this baby that I am always with. 
Being a mother has brought me fulfillment and happiness...
I would like to let you ladies know that my giving birth
was a very sad phase at one point
when I knew I would almost lost him that day and that he has 15 minutes to survive.

Anyway, what is so important is, my son is here and he is turning 7 months in 3 days!!
He is an American baby of English, German, Filipino, Chinese and Castillian blood. 
My father's side has Chinese and Spanish Castillian decent  
and my mother is of pure Filipino bloodlines.

(HK top, Zara skirt, Nine and Co. granny shoes, vintage hat from J Hats USA,
George socks, Ivory necklace - a present brought by my Dad from Malaysia,
Carolina's brooch, pocket watch from husband's grandfather, basket fr. Shelley)

Have a great week !

Friday, November 12, 2010

In Hawthorne Street

In unveiling the beauty of Portland, the City of Roses, a city known for its trademark
vintage and ecologically friendly fashion,
here's something that everyone should also discover....it's fine dining places.
 one of those worth tasting is the Hawthorne Street Cafe.

Americans are known to be a Big Breakfast People. 
This is the meal they typically look forward to on the weekends. 
The best breakfast places are usually very popular and crowded on the weekends.  
There is usually a long wait in line and there is often a reservation
or seating list one must be placed upon just to get seated.

 That is why most of these places are designed with a waiting area for people to sit and wait their turn for the first available table.  On the week days though, these specialty breakfast restaurants usually get you in pretty easy and fast. 
They usually open at six in the morning and closes at 3:00 in the afternoon.

To begin with, the main entree for breakfast is often an OMELETTE ! 
Omellettes may have a large variety of ingrediants and toppings. 
 All ingrediants are optional and there is a match for all palettes. 
 I say there is a match for all palettes because some people don't care for a particular meat
or specialty ingredient in their omelettes. While some may prefer only vegetable omelletes,
others who only love to eat white meat may prefer seafood as their prime ingrediant. 

(Smoked Wild Salmon Omellete and Peach Crepe)

As for me, I always opt to choose seafood or vegetables
This meal I ordered for our breakfast at the Hawthorne Street Cafe
was the "Special of the Day".
(which is not included on the standard menu and comes once in a while)
It was a delicately delicous Smoked Wild Salmon Omellete
smothered in Hollandaise sauce with the side option of a French crepe.   
This meal is also served with fire roasted potatoes or hash browns. 
This one shown in the picture above was served with fire roasted potatoes.
For Americans, the potato is the dietary equivalent to an Asians' rice. 

I loved this spot, the fireplace, ....the focal point of the cafe. 
This fireplace was part of the original decor of the century old house
 that presently contains the cafe. 
Most of these old houses in the Hawthorne District have sold recently
 and have been converted to commercial spaces.

This conversion of vintage houses to thriving businesses has become
 symbolic of the preserved heritage and beauty of the Portland city scape. 
 I've always adored the exteriors of these old houses
but they tend to be very small and narrow on the inside.

(People are People rocker tee {sorry Mom}, Loft blazer, Target lace dress,
Bibba Italian shoes, socks from a grocery store,
Jimmy Choo bag, saltwater pearl bracelet from Aunt)

(best shoes I can count on for 4 years now)

And Hey!  Don't forget to walk a couple of blocks away from Hawthorne Street Cafe
and take a peep into The Red Light Clothing Exchange for vintage and modern fashion.
The best thing I discovered about this shop is
that you can bring anything you don't want to wear,
sell it to them and they will pay you cash on the spot! 

This was a very busy place where mostly
trendy young hipster boys and girls shopped like crazy!
Who loves vintage???  I know I have discovered that I do.

Don't forget to keep checking their website - the online shop is coming soon!

Also check my page on the header "Tasting"
for some of my dining discoveries !
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