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Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Fairy Halloween Tale

Halloween is celebrated traditionally every year here in United States with SERIOUS costumes and expenses!  Stores and houses everywhere are decorated with some funny or scary images.  Some residences even held contests on door decorations!  At the costume parties, contests for "Best Costume" are part of the festivities.

I wanted to have FAIRIES as my Halloween subject!! You know why?  Amongst the supernatural beings on the planet and in folk tales, I consider the fairies as the most fashionable of mythical creatures, even though they don't exist!  Princesses and heroines have outfits are each constructed to have a certain regal or martial function.  In my view, fairy outfits are built to enchant and have a certain sense of whimsical freedom about them!

Upon coming to the United States, the first Halloween costume that I dreamed of wearing to my first costume party was a Green Fairy, but I ended up going as Little Red Riding Hood to pair with my husband who was the Big Bad Wolf !  The photo above was made by my cousin Nell Venegas, (without telling her that I always wanted to be a green fairy).  She happened to send me an email one day asking to borrow one of my phoptographs.  She selected a photo taken of me gazing into the crystal clear waters of Odell Lake in the Cascade Mountains of Central Oregon (shown below) and photoshopped me into a green fairy!  This is the same picture of mine that is on my blog header.

( i couldn't find the original photo, but this shot was on the same scene)

Nell and I are the same age (29), we grew up as schoolmates until college.  She now works as a multimedia designer for a Japanese company in the Philippines. Her work consists of web designing, designing games and e-learning from digital softwares. She is teaching herself photography and digital painting on the side and enjoys photomanipulation as a hobby.  She love to read and surf the net every chance she gets and in crafts,she loves making trinkets like earrings, necklaces and bracelets.  She also loves to paint whenever she has the time.  She has her own blog on Deviant Art in a code name, Silver Pixie.

This photo is another digital art she did on Deviant Art entitled "Dragon Love". 
 I wish I can show more of her fairy works but Deviant Art has copright restrictions on their images.  This image shows the princess summoning a dragon
by learning how to conjure from the book in front of her.

Prada's Fairy Bag

  The photos above are such a beautiful adaptation from the fairy story Thumbelina.  Daul Kim is the model for this set of Vogue shots. Daul Kim was a Korean-born fashion model popular on the European runways who had worked for Chanel in the past.  She was also a blogger.  I look at her and wonder if there is not a certain sadness in her face?  I think if I was as beautiful as her, with a reputable and burgeoning fashion career, I would not be so sad.  But, despite being such a beautiful lady, she hanged herself and commited suicide in 2009.

Editorial: A Thumb Princess
Magazine: Korea Vogue, March 2006
Photographer: Kim Jun Han

 On October 31, 2009 (which is same date as today),
she posted this entry on her blog:

“I think this year I will remember today as the day
I slept 10 hours without any help of anything
or anyone without any dreams
and woke up feeling peaceful and happy.
No more running away from something or someone or myself.”

Daul Kim was found dead in her Paris flat on November 20, 2009.  She had hanged herself. 
Her last blog post was entitled " Say Hi To Forever" on November 18, 2009. 
Her blog was called: "I Like To Fork Myself."

In fact, before Halloween, she even posted:

October 29 “What are you doing for halloween . . .
nothing special I’m already a monster”
October 26 “So many times I almost jumped but didn’t”
October 15 “My life is so god damn predictable its disgusting”
October 10 “So imagine . . . how much stress i get from work
honestly ive been in hell last few weeks”
September 25 “I wore high high heels and short short skirts
to hide my depression and weakness tried to hide my loneliness by hornyness”
August 22 “I need to learn how to stop destroying
myself and be nice to myself”

Daul Kim succumbed to her own personal torturous demons.  She decided that being among the world of the lost souls was less personally painful than being among the world of the living.  Daul Kim's choosing to cross the fine line between living with purpose and purposefully choosing not to live will be the legacy for which she will always be remembered.  It is hard to imagine how a person with seemingly the entire world of fashion in her grasp would choose to lose it all in such a senseless fashion.  

Do you know that there is even a Fairy Couture? 
Visit "The Faerie Tailor" for your choices of designs!
Halloween Tip:
cos·tume (kstm, -tym)noun
A style of dress, including garments, accessories, and hairstyle,
 especially as characteristic of a particular country, period, or people.

my last year's Halloween, I am 4 months pregnant here
History of Halloween:

The name is derived from Old Irish and means roughly "summer's end".
The ancient Celts believed that the border between this world and the Otherworld became thin on Samhain,
allowing spirits (both harmless and harmful) to pass through. The family's ancestors were honoured and invited home while harmful spirits were warded off. It is believed that the need to ward off harmful spirits led to the wearing of costumes and masks. Their purpose was to disguise oneself as a harmful spirit and thus avoid harm. It is also called the "Hallow's Eve", the night before November 1.


Friday, October 29, 2010

8 Things That Scare Me

I am human and it is a given to assume that I occasionally get scared! 
What are the top 8 things that scares you most?
Here is mine:
1. Haunted Houses
2. Barking Dogs
3. A Strange Knock at the Door
4. Horror Movies
5. Climate Disasters Like Floods, Typhoons & Earthquakes
6. Guns and Sharp Weapons
7. Any Liquid Near My Notebook
8. My Baby Sleeping Longer Than the Usual Time

(a photo of mine 4 years ago in a bar in Philippines)

(DKNY tank top, Seawater pearl bracelet from my Aunt, Antique opal ring,
Prada sunglasses, Scarf from my store, O.P.I. Matte nailpolish)

Speaking of haunted houses, remember my trip to Baker City? Recently, it was chosen as one 10 of the most interesting spots on the planet by Fuji TV in Japan.  Movie Director Nakayama, who sought out ghosts all over the world for 13 years of filming went to film a story at the Geiser Grand Hotel.  At this time of year there happens to be a ghost hunt in the hotel.  The book, shown in the picture above, actually features Geiser Grand in one of the ghostly tales.

( Alexander McQueen Shoes )
digital art made by Dear Girl

What about in fashion? 
Is there anything that scares you ?!

Here are mine:

1. Backless Dresses
( It reminds me of my conservative mother 
when I visibly show my tattoo on my back,
I feel as if I am betraying her somehow if I show it in public )

2. Overly High Heels
( I could accidentally bend sideways!  I could never walk like a model=( )

3. Bleaching my Hair to Blonde
( I'm afraid I may end up ruining my long hair..forever,
I don't want to have to cut it  and start from scratch!)

4. Dark Lipstick
( No, I just can't wear it...mainly because I have full lips!)

5. Very Expensive Jewelries
(... I swear, I won't wear this again!  Except my wedding ring.)

6. My Sunglasses
( makes me nervously crazy if I misplace them)

7. Credit Cards
( Thanks God I don't have one!..I don't want to get used living in debt.)

8. Animal Fur Coats
( In Oregon, especially in Portland, the animal rights activist (PETA) 
will throw blood on your fur coat while you are wearing it,
that is why when I attended Fashion Week and wore my fur coat,
I was the only one there wearing fur.....)

Feel free to REPOST this , then share me your link when you did!!!
Stay tuned for more of my fashionably scary Halloween weekend !

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Favorite Time

My favorite season seems to be so short, of course it's the fall season.
It doesn't get any better than autumn's shiny late summer-like days
 combined with the windy seasonal warnings that winter is upon us.
The sunshine's warmth is so subtle upon the skin and
I can just embrace my coat or my blankie when the wind
brushes it's coolness across my senses.

I tried to visit the pumpkin farm and sadly to no avail... 
the fields didn't have any pumpkins this year. 

I missed this park,  Minto Brown Island Park , just south from where we used to live.
I enjoyed the bike riding afternoons with my husband after he got off from work. 
That was when I wasn't pregnant.  That was when I used to ride my bike three times a week
and regularly attend Group Active fitness classes at the Courthouse Athletic Club.

( sweater gift from my mother, Old Navy wool skirt, unbranded suspenders,
Carolina's tweed brooch from Philippines, socks from a grocery store,
Lucky 8- my handmade bracelet for sale on Etsy ,
BCBG shoes)

Speaking of the Courthouse Athletic Club, I am dying to get back in shape
and I just found out that the club has their own nursery
where I can possibly go and take my baby with me!!  Yey! 
 My husband loves me very much and told me
I could start up again at the Courthouse Athletic Club whenever I want. 
I am very motivated to start up again sooner rather than later, 
before  any leftover pregnancy weight permanently deforms my body. 
But I was very fit when I was pregnant,
at 4 months no one could even tell =).

Oh!  About this brooch!  My brother Zoe picked this out for me. 
If you're a reader from the Philippines,
 visit Carolina's at the SM Mega Mall in Ortigas, Manila. 
(Carolina's doesn't  have its own website)
You will fall completely head over heels in love with all their designer pieces
of dress making and assorted accessories that they sell! 
From buttons to beads to fabrics !  They truley have it all!
This is also a store where you may unexpectedly bump into a famous fashion designer!

(my silhouetted photograph.... my original concept)

My lucky number is eight.  Many a time I have proven that this is true. 
 Although, I know that no such thing can be proven in this world
 like someone's having a lucky number, none-the-less, eight is mine!
This bracelet is simply named "Lucky 8"
and it is one of my handmade creations.  It is simple and easy, as you can see. 
 This is one of my hobbies that I make AND sell. 
You can find this at my e-store Attic Memoirs on Etsy.
I also added new items, and marked down some prices.
Furthermore, I now am able to ship worldwide for a reasonable cost.

( A flower named Flax from which the fabric linen is made out of. 
Brought to Oregon by the original settlers 150 years ago but now it grows wild)

This is Oregon and the Willamette River bottom wilderness resplendant in all the multicolored Autumn hues of fallen leaves, the soon to be bare trees of a coming Winter. 
My favorite time. 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Beautiful Women Edition (2nd Issue) Piyanuch

Here comes my once-a-month blog about women -  
extremely beautiful, multi-talented and intelligent - 
my pick ! 
This time I introduce to you, Piya, a model in Ireland.

" Piya "
26 y/o

1. DG - Tell us about your childhood, have you always wanted to be a model?
Piya - I grew up in a small town in the north east of Thailand.
My older sister, Jaistsuda Chanphet was a model and a finalist
 in Miss Thailand World.
However, my parents are very conservative and were not comfortable
with her wearing swim-wear in front of the camera.
 Since then I have wanted to follow in my sisters footsteps
and be the successful model.

2. DG - How were you discovered as a model in the industry of modeling?

Piya - Sometimes dreams do come true….. I was working at a street market in
Temple Bar, Dublin and a girl asked me could she take my photo. A few months later she came back and told me she was a professional photographer. She asked me if I would like to do a photo shoot with a famous Irish fashion designer. I said yes and to my surprise a six full page fashion editorial was published in a national magazine.

featured in Independent Woman, an Irish fashion website

3.DG - If there's someone whom you adore most, and get more inspired about,
who would that person be?

Piya - My sister, she is my role model. She is the most amazing person
I know and if I can be anyway like here I will be very happy.

4.DG - How do people in Ireland portray fashion ?

Piya - Ireland has some amazing world famous fashion designers. However, for the most part Ireland is a trend follower. We need our talented young designers to take some risks and break from the norm. I think there is a culture in Ireland that rewards mediocrity. People are very risk adverse, traditional and are afraid of failure. In my opinion innovation and creativity can only flourish when people are not scared of learning from their mistakes.

5. DG - When you are in the crowd, the audience and the big publicity, how do you handle it all?

Piya - I usually look confident but can be very nervous inside. The key for me is to prepare and practice before the event and then focus during the moments of pressure.
I also never forget to have fun and try to enjoy the attention.

6.DG - What is your greatest challenge in life?

Piya - When I was younger I use to represent my school in mathematic competitions. While I was always top of my class and chosen to represent my school going to the national competitions and competing with other schools was the hardest challenge I have ever faced. After going through that many times everything else is easy :)

Featured on FHM Malaysia September 2010

7.DG - It seems you have achieved far beyond most women in the world your age,
what goals have you thought of fulfilling in the future?

Piya - I would like both my business and modeling to be successful.
For my business I would like to build a recognised brand and for my modeling,
I would like to be featured in Italian Vogue.

8.DG - What are the things that you are proud of?

Piya - I am proud of my husband he is an amazing person.
I am also proud of my decision to marry him as it was the best decision of my life.
To give a bit of history I met my husband for the first time
and 72 hours later we got married. It sounds like a
fairy-tale and everyone thought I was mad but I just knew it was the right decision.
Five years have now passed and we have the most amazing marriage,
 we are best friend and enjoy every moment together.

9.DG - Is there someone whom you want to thank for something very special?

Piya - My family and friends they are the most wonderful,
kind, generous and amazing people.

10.DG - What do you like to tell women your about self-esteem, failures,
womanhood and success?

Piya - Self-esteem and confidence are very important and the keys to success.
As Henry Ford said “whether you think you can or think you can't your right” .
If we can build self-esteem and confidence,
then we can change our world, one girl at a time x

Piya was currently chosen as one of the thirty-two among hundreds of girls who entered on Arielles Calendar Girl Competition.  She again qualified for the final twelve.  Arielle is an evening wear fashion store located in Northern Ireland and is launching it's 2011 Calendar for Evening Wear and Piya will be on one of the twelve months !

I hope this blog is another inspiration to many women, young or old,
single or married?  If you are beautiful, why hide in a nutshell?

(All photos copyright by Piyanuch Chanphet,
all questions originally created by Dear Girl)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

PFW After Party - My Weekend

I hope to get my nap ......
Happy Weekend !

(vintage dress, fur coat ( Chinese dog), HK tights, vintage earrings,
BCBG ring, handmade bow, Naturalistic nail polish, BCBG peep-toe booties)

my friend Amanda

Friday, October 22, 2010

Goga and Jay Nicolas Collection (PFW)

Hi ladies?  Are you still with me?... 
Today I am showcasing the two designers who featured their
collection on Portland Fashion Week.
To begin with, I am introducing Project Runway Season 6
in their outstanding and stunning collection!

 It is hard for me to say Gordana's name, and I am glad they called her Goga.
She was born in Yugoslavia and attended college in Germany.
She owned her first Goga boutique in South Carolina
and opened her newest shop recently in San Diego.

I watched Gordana until the completion of the Project Runway's finale. 
Her designs remind me of a free flowing woman's figure, very lady-like as I describe it. 
The designs she presented revolved around the design themes of skirts, dresses, laces, knits, ruffles and a transparency that shows off 
the beauty of the bodice that a woman naturally possesses. 
My favorite on her Portland's runway collection was the artistically designed 
red splash lose top with stitched enterlacing leather loops in yellow bottoms. 
( I am sure there is an appropriate name but this is how I describe it.)

 The next day following the fashion show, I was so priviledged to see her pictured in The Oregonian newspaper the very first thing in the morning.  If I had more time that evening, when I met her and Jay Nicolas Sario at The Element Lounge at the fashion show after-party, I would have been honored to sit with them and offer them both a nice martini.  Even though I remember Jay was holding a glass of beer.  I swear that in the future when I am at the same function as them will I let such an opportunity pass by again! 

 I told myself that same evening at the Element Lounge,
a trendy watering hole in downtown Portland,
 that I would not leave the after-party until I had met Jay face to face.
So lo and behold, I got my wish! And you know why it is such a big deal for me?
 Because Jay was born and raised in the same country as was I, the Philippines.
Having met this talented fashion designer made me very proud of him
 and my native land.  To prove that, I gave Jay a hug when I said goodbye !

Jay studied Fashion Design at Hawaii Community College
and subsequently moved to San Francisco, California
to further emmerse himself in a more fashion friendly milieu. 
He worked as a lead merchandiser and stylist for the Gap, Inc. 
until moving on to become an independent designer.

His collection portrays modernism, strength and a confidence in women 
 that is expressed through firm denims and off-shoulder long swags of dress.
For more upfront and detailed designs of Jay's Summer-Fall collection, view here.

My treasured photo with the two famous and talented fashion designers,
Goga and Jay.

I was thoroughly shocked and surprised when Jay introduced me
to Goga whom I didn't see nearby.
Here I am gesturing towards her and relating how much 
I admired her designs as far back as the season 6 competition.
This was also the moment I asked Jay if I could feature him in my blog.

A picture capturing my elated smile, showing Jay and his friend in the background. 
 His friend was showing Jay a pic on her Iphone of one of the designs that she liked 
from Jay's collection on the fashion runway that night.

This week is a whole series of Portland Fashion Week posts, but next week will be an all new set of post subjects including my "Beautiful Women Edition".  This is my biggest issue every month, which I am sure a lot of readers across USA, Europe and Asia are watching for and  wondering who will be the next smart, talented and beautiful girl whom Dear Girl picks to profile?

(all photos and digital art originally produced, created and copyright by Dear Girl)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Seth Aaron and Jonathan Joseph Collection (PFW)

These shots were taken from my personal camera while an audience member 
this Autumn's  Portland Fashion Week.   
 I have truly striven to deliver the finest quality photographs to allow for my readers to experience the finest and most deliscious details of each designer's masterpieces,
 but forgiveness must be asked for my placement farther from the catwalk than I professionally would have desired and the unexpected speed of the runway models. 

Jonathan, a womenswear designer who works with House of Cach, focuses on the combination of modern avant-garde and old fashioned ready to wear in his collections. He has a keen eye for the designer palates of color, texture and balance. This season, his designs are inspired by sensuous volume, cascading pleats, and sumptuous layers of sheer drapery.

(above - Jonathan Joseph Peters with the models on the catwalk)
* for more clearer designs of Jonathan's collection, please view.

Seth Aaron Henderson unveiled his solar-power-inspired work in showcasing his collection. 
The interpretation of his designs are futuristic, exagerrated and dramatic.

But let me tell you my own personal experience about him. 
When the new crop of season 7 contestants were first introduced on Project Runway,
I was shocked by his neo-punk personality, his multiple tatoos and earrings, and his all black signature outfit, ....it all combined to pique my curiosity. I truly wondered, and maybe even a little somewhere, secretly hoped, that he would make it to the end and be the season 7 winner.

When his family was featured on the show, and I was able to see him playing with his
12-year old girl and 14-year old boy, there was forever elicited
 a positive feeling for him in my mind.
Despite of the physical bad boy gangster look that he sports,
he is a good father and husband.

If the Season 7 jury had based their judgement solely on his designs
and innate raw ability and had not factored in his personal looks.... his style....
 that certain Je ne sais quoi that he exudes,
I am sure he would never have become the Season 7 winner.

To make a long story short, I missed the rest of the Season 7 episodes because I was very pregnant and was ordered to confine myself to bed rest.  I finally gave birth on April 18th,
during the week Project Runway's Finale!
On July 2010, I searched for Portland Fashion Week on the internet.
To my huge surprise it revealed Seth Aaron Henderson was the winner!

In the end, all I can say is that there are not many men out there who dress like him,
have multitudes of tattoos-piercings, sport a gangster look
and are as talented as Seth Aaron Henderson is.
He not only forces upon the audience member the expectations of a fierce looking designer,
but also he shared his unique concept of taking solar materials and utilizing these materials as the new black battle standard of the modern neo-punk.
( View * Seth Aaron Designs for more of his collection.)

~ o ~
these photographs never did perfect justice to your designs and mastery.
Nevertheless, this did not hinder me in my confidence that I should display the photo-documentation of the experiences I did have!
I was so priviledged to have personally witnessed both of you and your designs in person
along Portland's Fashion Week out of my sense of pure enjoyment, and pleasure at having been a participant that are surely at the forefront of modern American clothing .

(stay tuned for the next designers and the party coverage)
all photographs & digital design created & copyright by Dear Girl
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