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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Captures of Carmel Bay


Fine Foods & Wine Tastings

Art Galleries


Outdoor Walks

And my chance to visit Wyland Galleries !
So what about it?...Robert Wyland is a world renowned painter,
whom I used to watch on T.V.  on Thursdays from 12- 12:30 noon show on the local PBS Channel.
He specializes in capturing marine life artistically on paintings, sculpture and photography.  I got my techniques for making my nursery painting for my son Hunter.  I named this painting"Peek-A-Boo".  I painted "Peek-A-Boo" (see far left of my site)utilizing Wyland's brush strokes and brushes choices, From watching his show on PBS I learned that you can easily draw an animal utilizing only your brush without any traces of a pencil.  As usual, out of a sense of etiquette, I did not shoot original photos of his paintings from the gallery.

( one of Wyland's paintings uploaded from the internet)

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Monterey Hotel Interior Design

Yes.. I have decided to add some interior design features to my blog, I just could'nt help but share how fascinated I am with the interior designs I see around me wherever I can get a chance....so, here is another one from our stay at The Monterey Hotel in Monterey, California.

Built in 1904, it is Victorian in style, a blend of European architecture which is aptly named for Queen Victoria of Britain.  The facade of the hotel, was so old, that it immediately attracted my attention.   It also reflects my design taste, especially with the white and ornamented forms on the facade.

The insides were carpeted with heavy floral patterns. The rooms were replete with huge fireplaces set in massive mantel mouldings.  The furniture was sophisticatedly crafted in classical design with intricate curves and carvings, and beautiful period upholstery.


The Honeymoon Suite

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Lodge Interiors

Classical Interior Design of the Lodge in Pebble Beach,
the wing chairs are my best picks, just like my collections at home...
the heavy mantel of the fire place...the glass windows overlooking the golf course...
and the ornamented carpet floors...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

White Sand

As a native of  the Philippines, there was only the famously beautiful
 Boracay Island where I could lie on a beach of pure white sand.
Pebble Beach, California which lies on the Pacific Ocean
southwest of Pacific Grove, Monterey
and Carmel-By-The-Seais also just as absolutely beautiful
because it, too, has a beach of pure white sand!
But first, one must know that Pebble Beach is part of the 17-Mile Drive,
which history tells us, was a tourist destination even in the days when  
it was traversed by horse-drawn carriages.

( What I brought with me: a summer hat to protect my face,
sunglasses to shade me  from the bright sun, &
walking shoes to provide comfort over our long walks
 and to cover my feet from the dust )

Pebble Beach Resort is well known for its award-winning
world class service and luxurious amenities.
The game of golf is at its worldwide best - nine (9) golf courses are within the vicinity
from resort courses to private golf clubs.

There are 21 major points of interest along the 17 Mile Drive,
some of my favorites were: 
The Ghost Tree
(with a trunk bleached white from wind)

Bird Rock
(home to countless flocks of shorebirds, basking groups of harbor seals and noisy sea lions)

The Lodge
(The heart and soul of Pebble Beach and home to world-famous Pebble Beach Golf Links)

The entrance gate fee of $9.50 to travel the 17 Mile Drive is reimbursed
 when you purchase a meal of $25 or more in in The Lodge's Restaurant.
All guest parking is free =).

( Unbranded Hat, American Eagle Outfitters dress,
Prada sunglasses, Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes,
necklace and bracelet from Antique Collectors Market )

I hope everyone is having a pleasant summer!

Got any summer vacation trips?  I love to hear !

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shoes made by Erkan Demir

How's everyone?!  I weighed myself and I was glad to see I was five pounds less on the scale (112lbs.) this morning! The last weight I had when I was in San Francisco was 117 lbs.  That was a week ago! Progress...progress.....

I sorted my vacation photos and I still have a lot of postings that are in the queue. For many of you, I am sure you've heard or have been to the beach side city of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.  It is known for it's high end shopping centers from famous designers, art galleries, fine dining restaurants, luxurious lodges, wine tastings, home furnishings, jewelry shops, entertainment, spas, salons, coffee shops, other high end stores and for the fact that Clint Eastwood is the mayor who also has a mansion in there and owns The Mission Ranch Resort in Carmel.

At one of those beautiful shops along the walkways, I was attracted to this shoe store at the very end lane of Doud Arcade along Ocean Avenue, Artemis Boots. It is owned by Erkan Demir, who is also an also an owner of the Sultan House in Istanbul, Turkey.   Out of courtesy, I did not take any photos of their wares with my camera until I asked the salesperson if I could publicize their product on my blog.  With a "yes" from her, it was a big chance for me!  I also garnered a postcard listing their website, and left the store with a pleasant smile.

The post card I obtained.

This is exactly how the store looks like (below).

Artemis Boots are usually draped with black velvet suzanis,
but can be dyed to blue gold or smokey grey. Named for the Persian word
referring to embroidery, Suzani's are made of velvet,
colorfully embroidered by skilled artisans.
(All Artemis boot photos uploaded from their website)
Now $$$.$$ !  Ask me aboout the price? 
 I picked one set of velvet boots and asked the salesperson the price.... she said $200 and some change for a pair.
The leather ones were more expensive...
They look very unique, creative, bohemian and of course, beautiful.
Check it out and let me know what you think !

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Relax **,

A home design feature from my trip.=)
" Auntie Rose Basement and Garden...."

Pacifica, Metro San Francisco, California

American families loves to barbeque ...

and they love their yards ....

To us,
family means
putting your arms
around each other
and being there.  
-- Barbara Bush
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