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Monday, October 11, 2010

Last Bit of Sunshine

 It's been awhile since summer was here.  Yet, even it's fall, it still gets warm during the day. 
Sometimes, you can't even tell what the rest of the day is going to be like,
but if you start going out in the morning, it is as cold as 50 degrees. 
Suddenly, come noon time, you will feel as if you need
take off your coat because you suddenly find yourself in a damp sweat.

Anyway, I just want to share this trip I made to the Idaho-Oregon border area. 
Idaho is the state located just to the east of Oregon.
 We went there to see Hell's Canyon, the widest and the deepest carved canyon
in the North America.  It is deeper than its more famous cousin,
the Grand Canyon of Arizona. 

It is a barren and lonely land that is very much a desert despite the fact
that one of the largest and wildest rivers in North America,
the Snake River,  flows through the canyon.

This canyon was the route to the ocean that the explorers Lewis and Clark took across
North America back in 1803.  This is a difficult and isolated place
 to get to and has only ghost towns today that are left over
 from its now abandoned copper and gold mines of the last century. 
Hell's Canyon is now a wilderness recreation site known
for some of the wildest white water rafting in the world.

On our way there, it was a very zig-zaggy, car sickness inducing drive that I whined and whined
that I did not want to continue anymore. It reminded me of the awful driving experiences
 of my childhood, when we used to go on vacations and traveled
to the provinces of Antique, Aklan and Iloilo in Philippines with my parents  !

( DKNY tank top, ripped leggings from my store Ghee Aisle,
 looped scarf from my store, antique ring,
seawater pearl bracelet-a present from my aunt, 
Payless lace design snickers, O.P.I. matte nailpolish)

After all the whining, the heat of the sun and the tanning of my skin,
it was worth the while to see the beauty of the quiet canyon
at the very end of the long and winding road in the deserts of  Idaho.


  1. What were you doing in Idaho?
    I've heard about ghost town, a very interesting place. If I were there I think I'll do a thorough exploration just to get a goose bump XD - an eerie way to get adrenaline pumping.

  2. i love ur legings!!
    the color is so bold..

    come and visit my site, hope you can follow me


    in Love&Light
    Queen D

  3. i love this look!!! especially the ripped leggings
    so chic***

  4. Very interesting outfit :))) I also have driving sickness on long terms.. Hate it...



  5. i'm in love with the leggings the color is perfect the and that outfit is so so good
    girl i love your style ^.^


  6. Those leggings are such a bold statement! It's cool you can pull those off... I don't think a lot of people can! You look fabulous. And the scenery is cool as well! :)

  7. ahh your leggings are amazing! the colour suits you so well too!


  8. It is a very beautiful landscape. And I like what you did with those scarves!


  9. god, those leggings are hot! i love them. you're pretty ;) xo
    fashion_freak, editor of http://myfashionlustlist.blogspot.com

  10. Wow it looks stunning. I'm loving your top and it's draping, such a cute peice xx


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