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Friday, October 22, 2010

Goga and Jay Nicolas Collection (PFW)

Hi ladies?  Are you still with me?... 
Today I am showcasing the two designers who featured their
collection on Portland Fashion Week.
To begin with, I am introducing Project Runway Season 6
in their outstanding and stunning collection!

 It is hard for me to say Gordana's name, and I am glad they called her Goga.
She was born in Yugoslavia and attended college in Germany.
She owned her first Goga boutique in South Carolina
and opened her newest shop recently in San Diego.

I watched Gordana until the completion of the Project Runway's finale. 
Her designs remind me of a free flowing woman's figure, very lady-like as I describe it. 
The designs she presented revolved around the design themes of skirts, dresses, laces, knits, ruffles and a transparency that shows off 
the beauty of the bodice that a woman naturally possesses. 
My favorite on her Portland's runway collection was the artistically designed 
red splash lose top with stitched enterlacing leather loops in yellow bottoms. 
( I am sure there is an appropriate name but this is how I describe it.)

 The next day following the fashion show, I was so priviledged to see her pictured in The Oregonian newspaper the very first thing in the morning.  If I had more time that evening, when I met her and Jay Nicolas Sario at The Element Lounge at the fashion show after-party, I would have been honored to sit with them and offer them both a nice martini.  Even though I remember Jay was holding a glass of beer.  I swear that in the future when I am at the same function as them will I let such an opportunity pass by again! 

 I told myself that same evening at the Element Lounge,
a trendy watering hole in downtown Portland,
 that I would not leave the after-party until I had met Jay face to face.
So lo and behold, I got my wish! And you know why it is such a big deal for me?
 Because Jay was born and raised in the same country as was I, the Philippines.
Having met this talented fashion designer made me very proud of him
 and my native land.  To prove that, I gave Jay a hug when I said goodbye !

Jay studied Fashion Design at Hawaii Community College
and subsequently moved to San Francisco, California
to further emmerse himself in a more fashion friendly milieu. 
He worked as a lead merchandiser and stylist for the Gap, Inc. 
until moving on to become an independent designer.

His collection portrays modernism, strength and a confidence in women 
 that is expressed through firm denims and off-shoulder long swags of dress.
For more upfront and detailed designs of Jay's Summer-Fall collection, view here.

My treasured photo with the two famous and talented fashion designers,
Goga and Jay.

I was thoroughly shocked and surprised when Jay introduced me
to Goga whom I didn't see nearby.
Here I am gesturing towards her and relating how much 
I admired her designs as far back as the season 6 competition.
This was also the moment I asked Jay if I could feature him in my blog.

A picture capturing my elated smile, showing Jay and his friend in the background. 
 His friend was showing Jay a pic on her Iphone of one of the designs that she liked 
from Jay's collection on the fashion runway that night.

This week is a whole series of Portland Fashion Week posts, but next week will be an all new set of post subjects including my "Beautiful Women Edition".  This is my biggest issue every month, which I am sure a lot of readers across USA, Europe and Asia are watching for and  wondering who will be the next smart, talented and beautiful girl whom Dear Girl picks to profile?

(all photos and digital art originally produced, created and copyright by Dear Girl)


  1. So luck you've got to meet with the designers in after-party (we don't have one here too bad). Hey, the pictures are more crisp and clear in this post :D

  2. What a cute fangirl smile! If I lived somewhere near high fashion, I'd probably be more interested in it, too... Hope you can wear pants soon again :) be confident!


  3. Dear Girl!!!!
    Always with so many amazing posts :) thanks for your lovely comment


  4. Awesome! I'm so happy that you got to meet the designers! Great fashion!

  5. wow great job, you are so lucky you were able to meet the designers from Project runway!!! Wish I was there:)

  6. you are so lucky!im envious.. hahaha..im happy for you neh. -maan

  7. Nê, m jst waiting that someday or one of these days i'll see ur lovely face in one of the famous fashion magazines..... m so really pRoud of yOu.... XOXO nang jinky

  8. wow lucky you are to meet those designers in person! oh so proud of you my dear cuz! keep going and dont quit what you`ve started...maybe one day you`re the cover of the fashion magazine or maybe one of the judges of project runway... we never know??? keep up your good and hardwork!luv always ng babes<3


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