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Friday, October 15, 2010

FW Prelude

Hi!  Fashion Crazies, my lovely girlfriends! =) It's the weekend again.
 This past week was really nice and to remember it just keeps me smiling
until my weekend fun comes around again!  I am in a jolly mood.
You'll know why I am in a jolly mood when you discover on my coming posts,
 the surprises of my past week!

Above are the sketches I made for my Portland Fashion Week outfits.  
I usually draw my outfits anywhere, as long as I have a pen with me and some paper.  
If I don't have access to pen and paper, I tend to constantly draw them in my head
Even when sitting in a class, my head is alive with imagined outfits.  When cooling my heals waiting in the lounge at the doctor's office, I'll grab a paper and pen. 

Finally I created these ensemble choices.

1. A vintage sparkling long dress which I planned to sew, so as to shorten it above the knee,
paired with a clutch ( Ann Taylor Loft) and a pair of strappy high heels (Steve Madden).

or a....

2. Vintage long dress ( which I would have to sew shorter since its length
was down to my feet ), paired with yellow tights,
VS clutch, and BCBG peep toe heels - of course plus the bow I hand-made.

or a....

3. Leopard coat from F21, paired with bronze leggings from Etsy, Nine West leather belt,
Ann Taylor Loft clutch and Steve Madden strappy heels.

Obviously, I picked the second set!!  I altered the dress myself to make it shorter.
I added a hand-made bow, styled my own hair, and finally completed 
the ensemble with one of my favorite brands--these BCBG shoes.

I thank my husband first of all for helping me to calm down my stress level of worrying about what  outfit to wear.  I further am appreciative for his support , his critiques and of course, his hugs. 

 I also want to thank my brother, Zoe in the Philippines for responding to my fashion consultation request, in as he was my stylist when I resided there.  
His advice helped me discover just the mix of ensembles via email.

Finally, I felt so relieved!  So, my next week will be all my Portland Fashion Week coverage..
See you ladies..lots of kisses!


  1. These sketches are absolutely fabulous! I too have been sketching lately, but my stuff looks way more cartoon-ish - I never learnt to really draw tidy fashion images like these...
    Thanks for your comment, as always, and stay tuned for more creative earrings - I've been crafting...


  2. Stunning work darling! Don't know what to say except how did you do that? Should make a DIY tut some day.


  3. The sketches are amazing! I hope Portland Fashion Week is fun - can't wait to read about it!

  4. those sketches are so good i also try to draw as many outfits of mine as possible just to practice but i'm not that good xD as always i'm loving your post girl:D


  5. LOVE your sketches!!



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