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Friday, June 18, 2010

My Piglet's Nursery Room

  Two months old today !! Yes, he is ! 

I have thought I would share the making
of my newborn son's nursery room,
designed by myself with the help of the artistry skills of my husband.
We were able to accomplish the design of this space
at no labor cost to us, except $love$.

I came up with these inspirations,
from his name (Hunter) and his family.
aunt and uncle are National Park Rangers in South Dakota,
while Grandpa Palmer is a bird watcher. 
I myself loved my wildlife watching experiences at
Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.

This demonstrates how the space started
and my husband's initial painting of the walls. 
I learned that most Americans have
their own tools for working on their house
and would rather do the carpentry themselves
than hire someone to do it.
It saves them money, there are no worries as to time spent on the project nor are there concerns as to the quality of work done.

We bought the curtains from Walmart including the rods.
The finials were designed like an arrow and were reflective
of our son's name "Hunter".
I utilized two types of rods, one for the underneath sheer curtains
and the other for the heavy curtains and its valance.

The valance was purchased online at BabiesRUs.

They have a variety of selections but I needed something that had
animal characters and an indented rod holder since the
window space is narrower.

We also purchased an animal theme light switch plate,
for some reason I could no longer find the item
on the BabiesRUs online store,
but it looks like this:

Basically, we listed the furniture we needed....a Crib for the baby,
 a Rocking Chair for nursing and lullaby,
a Side Table by the rocking chair for a CD player,
baby books, or just a space for the bottle to be placed,
a Futon - a convertible sofa and bed, just in case
 I would like to sleep in the night while Dad needs to sleep for work,
an Entertainment Stand for the TV and other displayable items,
a Toy Stand to hold and keep toys,
a Desk for my home office - gives me something to work on
 while watching the baby, and a Chair for the desk, of course.
The closet or dresser is also important
but since we had a built-in closet,
we did not have to include them on the list.


Shown on the wall is my 18" x 24" painting
in oil on canvass titled "Peek-A Boo".

( I made this wall art from wood, scrapbook and watercolor )

I do love Interior Design.
I am obsessed with its aesthetics and composition.
I prefer slick, neat, elaborated shabby chic, minimalist designs---
as long as they make me float on air! ; )

(feel free to ask questions on my Nursery Room)

Happy 2nd baby son !!


  1. He has grown alot! you have a sweet baby! Tell Eric I said Happy Father's day! No one can ever express the love you have for a child, and it is

  2. Such a cute nursery...I love the idea of futon in the room and desk. My nursery is alot smaller :( and I'm still working on it. My son will be born in another week or so.

  3. Wow, that's so exciting Rachel! A Baby boy! Yes, at time you feel sleepy or tired you can take a nap in the Nursery..I am doing most of my crafts here in this room..by the way i am adding and editing some pictures this time...Congratulations!=)


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Thank you..love and kisses !

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