"Create magic when you have -- no time..."
- copyright quote by Dhee-Ghee Palmer

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Christmas Day

There's nothing I could  be thankful this day other than the air I breathe, the water I drink, the food I eat, the shelter I live...the life each and every morning I wake up..seeing the man beside me in my bed, and knowing my family are safe and in good health.  I opened my e-mail this Christmas morn and got a message from my husband's Dad.  My parent-in-laws just had their vacation to Jamaica , with my sister-in-law Vicky and Mike on the second week of December.  A week after, a breaking news showed on T.V. Dad's e-mail goes this way:

For the third time in my life I have something to be thankful for. The first time was while living in Decatur. We had gone to the Illinois State Fair and took our first ride on a helicopter. The same helicopter crashed a week later. The second time I took a flight from Cancun to Cozumel Island in Mexico, the plane crasheda week later. Now the third time, it seems, just happened. The flight your mother and I were on was flight 331 from Miami to Kingston, Jamaica on December 5th. If you read the paper or heard the news flight 331 crashed in Kingston this week as it was landing at Kingston. No one was killed but they took most of the passengers to the hospital for minor injuries. We just missed another one. I can't help but think what Vicky would be thinking as she waited if it had been our flight? Thank the Lord for keeping us safe.
Have a Merry Christmas,Dad

It was unpleasant, but for me to have a part of my family involved and experienced in this kind of event in life...I am grateful to share this Christmas Story, how God works marvelously, He himself the Savior celebrated on this day, 
-- this is a gift I am proud to share...

A gift for us from Jamaica - the Blue Mountain Coffee
is the second most expensive coffee in the world.

( dress from my mother, earrings from an antique store, 
Christmas scarf made in Italy, lace stockings, Ariat cowboy booties)

From our House to yours...have a Merry Blessed Christmas to everyone!
☼ ♥ ☼

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Eve of of the Nativity

(Camel Hair Coat, Abercrombie and Fitch sweater top, Target skirt, JCPenny booties)
Whoa!!! Huge!!! Alright, It's obvious...and it's just getting harder for me...

For us that has no relatives and family around, we had a Christmas Eve mass for the night, a honey glazed ham ...and decided to watch Avatar but the tickets were all sold by the time we get to the theater!  Bummer!! So, guess we called it an evening...and my body could no longer take staying up late, even wearing my own shoe is really difficult !!I just want to sleeeeeeep....

☼ Happy Holidays to everyone!! ☼

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What Awaits Ahead

I am inspired of the article I read in The Oregonian Newspaper about a 15-year old student here in Lake Oswego, the somewhat Beverly Hills of Oregon.  The article was titled, "Boutique Education" and tells about Janice Aebi-Magee, a teen who was long an entrepreneur who started making money out of setting up a flower stand, peddled paintings and selling vegan doggie treats.  Right now, she opened her own fashion boutique store in her home selling cheaper clothings while learning busness at the same time.  She started to work long hours on a business plan (where everything starts) and presented her idea to her father.  She said,
"I like to set goals for myself and I always want to make sure I achieve them."

Thinking about what a great mind can do and a young spirit, you just have to be positive and learn to make your life perform your passion and talents.  Whether or not you can afford something, but you know, big things start in small beginnings.

I learn a lot from people and reading their lives, when you have put a thought you will realize that, time is a gift, it is indeed gold...we never knew what trap or fun we are presently into, we forget to wonder what awaits ahead...it happens to all of us...
Anyway, 2009 is soon saying goodbye! It was a pleasant memory the the year has almost finished its course in my life and another to start again...most of the time I've spent my life at home, being a wife, meeting new people, seeing new places.  I never regret any of those, it made me learn so much.  I look at the bright side and would just smile..God has His own ways and reasons.

and... I deserve a toast...
" Dhee-Ghee, you've made it ! "
(A dinner with Eric, the winter fave beer, Barefoot Winter Wit plus my choice of meal, the Pacific Rock Shrimp Fajitas- made of Big Horn Buttface amber ale marinated shrimp, pan sauteed with lime cilantro sauce, onion, red pepper & anaheim pepper.)

( Arrow Head oxford (a steal from him), unbranded leggings, Ralph Lauren topsider shoes, Mervyn's pearl necklace)
"Write in your heart that everyday is the best day of the year" - Ralph Waldo Emerson
☼ ♥ ☼

Monday, December 21, 2009

One Year Happily Everafter

Getting married, for me is one of the greatest achievements of being a woman.  It is a lifetime decision and an anticipation that tomorrow is forever.  It is also a love, sacred and done being prepared in accepting and taking a step without turning back , with all respect to the one loving you and yourself.  I thanked God for being there to help us survive and continue  to pray and look the days ahead as partners and bestfriends together for better and worse. 

I am greatful that amongst the best gifts we have received is the joy of waiting for our first child.  Today is also the first day of my 6th month, and no happiness could replace.

Looking back on my Wedding Day in 2008,
 the worst snow storm in Oregon since 1978,
 it was also the darkest and the shortest day of the year, the first day of winter.

A pleasant dinner took us at Macedonia Greek Cuisine.  Served was a very authentic Greek meal which includes, Greek Salad with Olives, spices and dressed in olive oil and vinegarette.  I loved my own Shish Kebob in lamb skewer and some mixed rice and vegetables, while I also shared a taste on Eric's Combination Plate, spinach pie, eggplant sauce,and beef wrapped in olive leaves.  A beautiful meal.=)

It was a great night walking in the cold streets of downtown Salem,
 I am feeling heavier and could no longer conceal how much weight I am gaining. =(

Furthermore, picking a very delicious cold dessert at Napoleon's Crêperie
and Gelato had my cup of Marzipan Icecream !

(Vintage silver lace dress, Jacklyn Smith Classic blazer, NY and Company muffler, Anne Klein trench coat, Target knee high socks, PRP heels, Prada shoulder bag, PRP Cuffs)

I look this day as a another beginning, realizing that marriage is a gift when you found someone loving you solely and faithfully.  It may never be perfect, but that is why you learn to stay and love such imperfection and living the days forward, not by your own strength, but trusting at the Great One Above.
☼ ♥ ☼

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Purple Tacos

Going back to Alberto's Mexican Restaurant after a year is a bit odd, after my first taste, I stopped going to a Mexican restaurant then.  Thanks to my pregnancy it changed my pallete and I find liking  the southern dish again! Mexican food is light, but the spices are heavier, the smell of cajun herb makes it distinguishable.  I love to mix and match the cheese, tacos and vegies with the appetizers and the sauce.  So even if you have a large plate to make you full, it isn't carbs that fills you up!
Mexican Beans with a mix of lard, Mexican Rice, Soft Tacos with a bunch of vegies, salsa and colby jack cheese.  Lime and Fermented Carrots on the side.
a year ago (2008) at Alberto's

5 months on my pregnancy
{HK Top, PRP Skirt, Target Socks, Naturalizer Leather shoes, SAKS 5th Ave NY fedora (from my husband's closet), EJ Bags from Las Vegas, Antique pearl brooch and Antique amethyst earrings, nail polish Sally Hansen Vital Violet & Crystal Clear.}♥

Friday, December 11, 2009

Knocked-Up Chick...

{19 weeks on my pregnancy}
Christmas Holidays is a season to shop! Although the cold of winter is really crawling inside our skin, no one says that what we only wear on the inner of our coats could not be seen!  As the tips says, if we dress very lose, the more we look lumpy -- so dressing fit but comfortably makes us more chic even we have a bump!Check out these outfits I found at www.2chix.com :

These Tees has texts showing funky pregnancy phrases...it's sexy and makes a pregnant woman look even more gorgeous.  These are also perfect outfits for the tropic countries, for the work-out at the gym and even a stroll at the park.  ♥

So even if you like your hubby had his tee say about being a daddy-to-be, there are a lot of designs to choose from!  Or, you can buy a plain piece of tee for you and him and had it painted the way you want. Being resourceful, there are a lot of things that we can do..also I recommend this magazine, Pregnancy & Newborn --very insightful and informative, from mom to baby fashion, even to baby furniture and room designs, health and diet, all in one.

{Dotted top is a vintage from my mother she got from the 70's, Unbranded vintage scarf, Dockers skirt, Target socks, PRP peep-toe heels, Ésprit leather belt, and all Jewelries are antiques.}

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pamper & Pampering

While killing my time right now to see my OB-Gyne Doctor, I thought of posting how I have felt refreshed from my  routines this previous weekend!  Eric decided to accompany me to the gym on the alternate days of my work-out classes yesterday, and hopefully every other day.  Took a stationary bike, and I felt really tired after every 10 minutes!  So I just kept reading magazines and a feeling of urge to subscribe to Allure knocked  my mind! The magazine has definitely the interesting make-up tips I wanted to try!..
After my husband was done on his cardio, I decided to continue a warm bath at home instead since it is prohibited for me to stay on a hot tub and the sauna..=(
It feels really refreshing, to soothe our cramping muscles, sore legs and pelvic contractions ... make sure a classical music is played and a  relaxing candle will help while you take your warm bath ♥...
Plus! Today is my one year in the States, recalling San Francisco where I first stayed !  Had a talk to my Aunt last night and made her remembered..♥

Friday, December 4, 2009

Getting Crafty

I have been missing 2 weeks in a row of my gym class by all important reasons connecting to my recent check-ups and establishing my status!  I am not pleased, all the schedules I got falls on TTH and I had to comply my clinic visits first!  I am sure by the time I come back, my gym mates would obviously see how I am showing this time, and Noelle, my Gym Instructor will be announcing my coming baby boy!  It would be the first time everybody would know that I am pregnant on my 5th month!  Just about last week on our Scrapbook Party, no one noticed I am, until Noelle asked them if they knew it!
my scrapbook mates at Noelle's place

I finished 2 pages on my album "Our First Times"- the story of me and my husband..
This one was our first Valentines Day.

( Target sweater, Levi's jeans, Target socks, Unbranded scarf, antique earings )

So if you're not doing really anything much,
a spare time to invest for an artwork is good thing,
like keeping memories in a book! 
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