"Create magic when you have -- no time..."
- copyright quote by Dhee-Ghee Palmer

Monday, April 18, 2016

Happy Birthday Zeb

Six years ago, 24️hours of labor, code blue, 20 minutes of life left for me and him... I fought, to give him life. Then he gave me life back in return... 

And here it is, the life I raised...6️ years after...

I will fight for you to the very end...
Happy Birthday, son!

Oregon Coast Aquarium,
Newport, OR

Yaquina Bay,
Newport, OR

M&P Authentic Thai Cuisine,
836 SW Bay, Newport, OR
4.3 stars

What I wore:
Nike top, pajama shorts, Columbia waterproof boots,
knit cape, unbranded chain jewelry, Rayban sunnies

Monday, March 7, 2016

Fashion for Work

Took my own basic needs for granted for a while there, recently I decided to invest for durable and good quality things that I could use everyday.  Shoes for comfort, and not for looks has been my best picks.

El Naturalista shoes, your purchase supports a cause.

 Wolky Shoes ( gifted for me )

Doc Martens

Sometimes it is worth it to invest, but there are times,
 pure luck comes along the way which would not cost too much, like this one for example...

You would not believe me, but owning an original Gucci and Dior items like these
 cost me both for $20 from the flea market treasures, a nice shabby chic old sewing trunk for $5
 and a shabby chic wooden beaded cross necklace for $1.

What I am wearing: 
-vintage dress I altered
- coat gift from my mother
- vintage hat
- H&M belt
- Wolky shoes

... and yes, fashion for comfort works best for motherhood job above all.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Iron Shelves Make-Over

Found this iron shelves in Criagslist, it was originally black and folds flat.  I thought having it folded flat, the shelves would fit perfect in my small car diagonally if I would bring it to my booth.  I forgot to take a picture of its original condition, but I sprayed it in brown spray paint with some texture and glitter. The spray paint was 50% off at a local hardware store.  The veneer wood were extra from our garage that my husband cut for custom sizes.  The fabrics were from 2 years ago I got a bulk for $20, I would say this roll of yardage that I used cost me $1.  

 My rule of thumb is always recycle and spend less. 

I thought of changing the fabric to a different print or texture as seasons change.  Since I did not buy a new roll of yardage, I don't feel bad if I want to consider another make-over in the future.  This fabric print was my choice so it would add a festive feel over Christmas and the holiday season.

I hope you liked my DIY post :)

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