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Friday, June 17, 2016

My Little Artist and Furniture Assistant

So proud of my son Hunter Henry Zebedee!  
He just graduated from kindergarten.
My boy is my furniture assistant too, my little artist.
As you could see in this post, his artwork was on the very center of the stage 
on their graduation day. 

He gets to rest a lot (sleepyhead) after a hard day's work, 
and if you notice, he likes to take a nap in my office at home 
where he can be around me while I'm working.

I love my big guy very much, I raise him carefully, he is my future. 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Scripted and Canvas Customized Drapes

   Hello again!  I so pleasantly thank you for visiting my blog back for those in the design and decor blogosphere, I would like to reconnect with you ladies, and for anyone who purely enjoy style, fashion, aesthetics, interiors, and furniture, I hope we get to share the beauty of creativity.

My feature today is my home with my very own design sense on the curtains.  I used a thick canvas-like fabric material and a script printed  fabric.  Due to the limited stock of the script fabric, I had to work with how much I had on-hand and decided not to wait for the arrival of the store's next supply. Besides, it was very expensive, too!  I spent almost $70.00 for the fabrics without labor.

My previous living room arrangement looks like this if you have read my previous post here, or view some of my house older arrangement in my Pinterest here.

As you could see, the curtains were floral and real vintage that I purchased from an antique store with the valance from Lowe's.  I decided to change the furniture and decor after more than 2 years.

I happen to have a very nice and kind Russian neighbor that sews.  How did I knew that?  I saw her from my office window sewing in her garage one day!  Hence, she has sewn and altered some of my vintage dresses and this set of curtain is just among the pieces she did for me.  She is gifted with hands of a fine craftsmanship! 

Look at how I kept my upholstered tufted couch, the reason why I sold it.  I am very sensitive to dirt and spots and in order to keep the value of an item is rather give a limited use... or never use at all.

Repainting the walls was also part of the whole process in changing my decor.  My husband and I painted our walls, at least I painted the wainscoting while he did the walls but it was all my design idea using the shabby chic colors.  We also had never hired people to pay for minor remodeling.

Above is a little bit unorganized but showing you how the curtains turned out. I swear I just made up the idea of using a rope and a clothespin to tie the curtains.  I am not sure if anybody has done this yet but I am certain I did not take this from any inspiration.

Above, that is my present living room arrangement with the exception of an unfinished fireplace.  The letter "P" stands for the initial of my family name. I purposely darkened the photo this time so I can show more of it in the future.

My main object of theme in our house are birdcages, but I will future more of that in the future, too!

I felt very satisfied and happy with my curtains, the length was longer than the standard sizes in stores but that is how I wanted them to be!  Overall, I spent more than $100.00 for the set given that the labor is very minimal as a friendly charge.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Tufted Furniture Make-Over

As for most of you that I have been with blogging for a long time, I started with fashion and branched out to furniture and decor. I have found such joy and commitment in the restoration of broken furniture and decor things, so here's one among the many that I have.

Below was an old arrangement of my living room where this antique tufted couch was once a piece we used.

More of my living room is also posted in my Pinterest here.


The make-over...

I decided to keep her for a while, but over time, fabric upholstered furniture tend to be difficult to resell.  People prefer leather nowadays for low maintenance.  I did not have a choice but finally posted her online and sold. The lady who bought the set was very happy and said, it was her dream couch.

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